Do You Need An Electric Beer Cooler? Know The Truth Now

Have you ever wondered whether it is necessary to use an electric beer cooler for outdoor activities? Then you’re not alone. Wherever we are, it’s always nice to chill on a cold beer by yourself or with family and friends.

My interest on electric beer coolers started when I went camping one day without a cold beer to cheer me up. The lack of cold beer was really devastating. After that sad experience, I tried to search online for some products that can keep my beer cool even outdoors.

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What Is An Electric Beer Cooler?

Coolers are portable containers that can keep your beverages cool for long. A more advanced way to cool your beverages is to use an electric beer cooler.

Instead of using ice, it uses electricity to cool your beer as long as it’s connected to a power source.

You can make this appliance work by plugging it into AC or DC power. Most units give the option of connecting them into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet.

If your appliance comes with a USB power adapter, then you can hook your appliance to any USB charging port to power it in ECO mode.

You can find some great electric beer coolers in this video.

This new appliance either uses a compressor or a thermoelectric effect to generate cold temperatures.

Some electric beer coolers feature preset times and extra-chill settings on their automatic touchpad design, like the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller.

Others also work double time as a warmer, like the Cooluli.

So, Do You Need An Electric Beer Cooler?

If you would like to go camping or have picnic outdoors, then you need an electric beer cooler to cool your beer and other beverages efficiently. You know how delicious your beer gets when it’s cold.

Since you can’t bring a refrigerator when you go out, an electric beer cooler is a more portable choice to keep your beer cold even when you’re outdoors.

You need this appliance if you like to pack a lot of beer. Since you’ll not be using ice packs, you make room for more bottles or cans of beer in your adventure. Aside from portability, it can also be easy to carry. A small cooler can simply fit inside the trunk of your car.

Most electric coolers have a thick thermal insulation that can maintain the cold temperature longer even if you disconnect them from a power source.

Due to their solid construction, you can expect high reliability from them. As compared to standard freezers, you have fewer moving parts with electric coolers.

Compressor Vs Thermoelectric Coolers

Beer lovers know that keeping their beer at a cold temperature can create all the difference in taste, that’s why getting an electric beer cooler is a necessity when camping. In buying a good beer cooler for your needs, you can choose between a compressor or a thermoelectric cooler.

1. Compressor Coolers

A compressor cooler works similarly to a regular refrigerator. It uses the vapor compression cycle to eliminate the heat from the inside of the box. A coolant gas brings the heat from inside and discharges it outside.

One of the best compressor cooler you can use is the EdgeStar 62-Can Beverage Cooler. In comparison to its thermoelectric counterpart, it can get colder faster and operates more efficiently in hot environments.

However, it may operate louder and may be toxic in the environment if it uses chemical coolants, like Freon or ammonia.

2. Thermoelectric Coolers

A thermoelectric cooler uses a thermoelectric effect, known as the Peltier effect, to create a cold temperature.

The Peltier effect is named after the person who discovered it, Jean-Charles Peltier. Under this mechanism, the junction of two dissimilar metals gets cold on one side and hot on the other side as current flows.

One of the best thermoelectric coolers that you can buy is the Coleman PowerChill which can hold as much 44 beer cans.

As compared to compressor coolers, the thermoelectric cooler works with no vibrations and less noise. They are environmentally safe because they create no toxic emissions or dangerous substances.

Try To Use An Electric Beer Cooler Today!

If you like to go camping or do activities outdoors, then you need an electric beer cooler especially if you can’t miss drinking a cold beer after a long day.

An electric beer cooler is a great way to keep your beer cold longer. Just use the AC and DC power adapters to plug this appliance into your car cigarette adapter and you can enjoy your cold beer like you’re at home.

If you’ve tried using an electric beer cooler, then share to us your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article if you like this article.

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