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Welcome to Mess Makes Food! Life is messy so join me for simple affordable all recipes and yummy treats, as well as DIY, money saving tips and little life hacks to make your life a little easier. Lets eat cake and drink tea together and put the world to rights.

Miss Messy – Foundation Messmakesfood.com

Hey! I’m Miss Messy (or Holly in the real world). I’m a 38 year old tea drinking, cake eating, cooking foodie from the US.

During my time at university I figured out that I didn’t like psychology (my degree), but loved all things food. Making it, eating it, photographing it, writing about it and talking about it.

I began this blog as a location to place all my recipes as well as food related messages. You’ll find recipes, links to posts, how-to’s, info concerning ingredients, recipe books as well as all things food.

I’m a supporter of REAL food! What is REAL food? Food that’s devoid of chemicals and also chemicals, food that’s been around for hundreds/thousands of years, food that’s nourishing for your body, your soul as well as your neighborhood!