8 Best Gifts for Cooking Enthusiasts

If you are looking for the ideal gift for the person in your life who loves to cook, high-quality kitchen appliances and gadgets can elevate their cooking game to the next level. Explore eight of the best gifts to give a cooking enthusiast on any occasion, whether they love baking sweet treats or smoking their own meat.

1.      Kitchen Appliance Package

Consider a kitchen appliance package if a loved one is renovating their kitchen or building a new home. These packages are also ideal for newlyweds or singles who love to cook and are purchasing their first home because they come with a full suite of major appliances, including kitchen ranges, a range hood, refrigerator and microwave. They can also come with extras such as an under-counter wine cooler and dishwasher.  A complete kitchen package is a cost-effective way to outfit a new home. It also ensures that all the appliances match for a high-end luxury look that can increase the home’s resale value, offering your loved one long-term benefits.

2.      Meat Thermometer

Ensure the kitchen enthusiast in your life always serves perfectly cooked meat by giving them a high-quality digital meat thermometer. A digital meat thermometer accurately reads the internal temperature of any cut of meat, from roasts to steak to fish filets. This not only eliminates guesswork and ensures juicy, tender results but reduces the risk of food-borne illnesses. The MEATER Plus temperature probe is the ultimate chef’s tool. The wireless design allows you to insert the probe and leave it inside the oven, grill or pot while the meat is cooking. The probe syncs with an app on your phone, allowing you to program cooking times and set your ideal internal temperature. It tells you when to remove the meat from the heat, factoring in carry-over cooking. The probe has a Bluetooth repeater, providing a 165 ft. range so you can socialize and continue preparing other meal elements while you wait.

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3.      Indoor Herb Garden

An indoor garden lets your giftee enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs year-round, even if they don’t have a green thumb. Many compact indoor garden kits use hydroponics as a low-maintenance, mess-free way to grow aromatic herbs to flavor dishes. The ēdn SmallGarden is a smart-home-enabled system entirely controlled by an app on your phone. The SmallGarden is compatible with ten pods containing seeds and time-release plant food. The pods come in various plant species, including basil, rosemary, sage, fennel and lettuce; alternatively, you can purchase unseeded pods and select your favorite plant varieties. The system has a built-in LED light, ideal for apartment dwellers or homes with limited natural sunlight. The app allows you to control light and water levels and sends notifications when your plants are ready to harvest.

4.      Digital Scale

Baking is an art form that relies on precision measurements for the best results. A digital scale allows baking enthusiasts to measure ingredients down to a fraction of an ounce and can be reset between individual ingredients. Hospitality industry professionals consider Escali kitchen scales the most accurate and easy-to-use scale on the market. The Escali Rondo Stainless Steel Scale is the perfect addition to any dedicated home cook’s kitchen. The sleek design features a blue backlight display for optimal visibility. A simple two-button operation allows you to switch between measurement units for easy value conversions. It comes with a removable stainless steel dishwasher-safe measuring bowl that doubles as a safety cover when the scale is not being used.

5.      Personalized Apron

If your gift recipient loves to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, but not their clothes, consider a personalized apron. A full-length bib apron covers the body from the neck to the knees, preventing stains from sauces and oil. It can also prevent accidental snags or punctures from kitchen tools like knives or grill forks.

Hedley & Bennett produces aprons designed by chefs for chefs. Their classic All-Day Crossback apron is crafted from 8 oz. cotton twill with reinforced straps and apron ties that won’t fray. It also features three pockets — one on the chest and two on the front for holding kitchen essentials. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on their product against failure or damage, so you can rest assured you are giving a quality gift. Personalize the apron by taking it to an embroiderer to add a monogram or a motivational phrase to the front pocket to inspire them in the kitchen.

6.      Heatproof Grill Gloves

For the grill master, a pair of heat-proof gloves is a critical part of any BBQ toolkit. Heatproof gloves allow you to handle grill grates and charcoal safely. They also protect against grease and oil splatters, preventing accidental burns that could ruin a backyard cookout. Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves are EN4O7 certified, meaning they’re heatproof up to an astonishing 1,472°F. The gloves are crafted with rugged aramid fabric, which is also cut-, puncture- and abrasion-resistant. But they also feature an ultra-soft cotton liner for optimal comfort.

7.      Fermentation Vessel

Consider giving a fermentation vessel if your gift recipient loves experimenting with new products and cooking techniques in the kitchen. These specialized containers are fully sealed to carefully control the fermentation process when creating dishes like kimchi, sauerkraut or pickles. The E-Jen Premium Probiotic Fermentation Container is designed based on classic Korean earthenware. The containers feature an interior pressing plate that helps to create a vacuum inside. The plate comes with a simple valve, allowing you to release the pressure periodically. The 0.45-gallon capacity and compact design make it ideal for storing in the fridge.

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8.      Butcher’s Block Cutting Board

Knives are an essential tool in any home cook’s kitchen. If your giftee has a prized collection of knives, help them protect their chef’s tools with a high-quality cutting board. Plastic or glass cutting boards quickly wear down a knife’s blade. However, butcher’s block boards are made from end-grain wood. This wood pattern allows the knife blade to slip between the microscopic grain patterns to minimize blade damage. Butcher’s block cutting boards are also heavy and stable to prevent movement while cutting.

The Daddy Chef End Grain Wood Square Chopping Block is made from rugged oak wood and features a 16″x16″ cutting surface to accommodate a range of food items. The juice groove running around the edge prevents messy spills from meat and vegetable juices, and the transparent silicone feet on the underside prevent the board from slipping.

Bonus Gift: Mushroom Books

Mushroom books are a perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts, as they offer a gateway to the captivating world of mushrooms and their endless culinary possibilities. From expanding knowledge and creativity to embarking on wild foraging adventures or even growing their own mushrooms, these books provide a rich and rewarding experience. Whether your loved one is an experienced chef or an aspiring home cook, the gift of mushroom books will inspire and enhance their culinary journey, ensuring they savor every moment of their mushroom-infused culinary creations.

Surprise an Enthusiastic Home Cook with a Thoughtful Gift

Enthusiastic home cooks often already have all the kitchen essentials they need to whip up extraordinary dishes, making choosing the ideal gift a challenge. Give them something they may not have considered buying for themselves, such as a butcher block or their own indoor herb garden, to make their cooking experience easier and more enjoyable.

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