Choosing The Best Griddles For Your Kitchen

If you love to cook, you will understand how important it is to have good cooking utensils. You would want one that can cook a wide range of foods, be it breakfast or brunch. One cooking utensil that fits this versatile description is the griddle.

A griddle is a flat, large cookware that comes in round, rectangular, or square shapes. What makes this equipment unique is its shallowness and sturdy handle. These features make flipping food easier when using a griddle.

There are different types of griddles available, ranging from the non-stick ridged griddle to the French cast-iron griddle. Each type comes in varying prices and materials, so you get to choose the right one for your kitchen needs.

Before you buy this cookware, you need to know what each type available can offer. You also need to know how to choose the one that suits your needs best. Now, let us discuss the types of griddles in the market today, the advantages and downsides of using this equipment, and how you can choose the right one for your kitchen.

Types of Griddles

All the types available for this cookware have a large surface that makes cooking easy. Now, here are some of them and how they work:

Traditional Type

This type is made of clay or stone material. It is used traditionally in making flatbreads like tortillas and casabe. Before you use this pan for cooking, it is necessary to preheat it to the desired temperature. Many Scandinavian countries still make use of this griddle.

Basic Type

This is primarily a flat surface griddle. It can perfectly fit on one or two gas burners depending on its size. One advantage of this type is its versatility. You can use it on campfires, outdoor grills, or stoves. Sometimes, this cookware can have raised ridges instead of a flat surface.

Pan Type

This is a simple pan that can only fit one burner. It is best used in small kitchens or for smaller families. It is a versatile cookware for all kind of foods.

Electric Type

This is a piece of stand-alone cooking equipment that does not need a burner. It conducts heat better than the pan or basic type that you use on a stove or gas burner.

Advantages of Using a Griddle

The following are some benefits of using this cookware:

It Drains Out Excess Fat from Foods

Greasy foods are unhealthy. They cause heartburn, hypertension, and high blood pressure. Greasy foods do not allow you to fully enjoy the taste of the food you are eating. The raised surface of this cookware helps to drain off excess grease or fat from foods. So, you can enjoy your meal better. For other ways to remove excess grease from a meal, read this article.

It is Portable and Has a Large Capacity

This cookware is portable because they do not need a stand. It has a large surface area so it can be used for preparing large food batches. It is ideal for both large and small kitchens. You can use it to prepare party foods in a short time.

It Leaves Grilled Sears Mark on Foods

The ridged surfaces do not only remove excess fat but also leave sear marks on meats as if they were grilled. Although this does not add to the flavor of foods, it makes them look appealing and palatable.

It Can Add a Grilled Smoky Flavor

This cookware has a flat surface made of cast iron. This makes it to give meat, eggs, slices of bacon, and other nutritious meals a smoky flavor.

Downsides of Using a Griddle

The following are some of the downsides you might experience from using this cookware:

It Can Produce Lot of Smoke

This will most especially happen when you are cooking at a high temperature. You must make sure that your kitchen is properly ventilated when using this cookware. If you want to prepare large meals for a party, it is advisable to use the griddle outdoors.

It Can be Hard to Clean

This equipment needs to be cleaned immediately after use. Failure to do so would make it hard to clean. There will be an accumulation of food debris and fats which can form a hard layer on the surface. This layer might be hard to scrub off and affect the taste of any meals you prepare on the surface. For ways to properly clean a griddle, check here:

How to Choose the Right Griddle for Your Kitchen

The following are some things to keep in mind when making a choice:

Your Needs

Do I need the griddle for a commercial or residential kitchen? Ensure you answer this question. Depending on what you want to use it for, there are different sizes of this cookware available. If you have a small household, it may not make sense to get a large size griddle. But if you own a restaurant, you will want one that can allow you to prepare large batches of meals on time.

Your Preferred Type

This equipment comes in different types, but this can be divided into two types: gas and electric. The gas type makes use of burners and stove to operate. It heats up faster than the electric one. However, it is less accurate when it comes to heating a surface evenly.

For the electric one, it might take a slow time to heat up, but it does so evenly. This griddle is more energy-efficient than its counterpart.

The Griddle’s Plate

The thickness and material used in producing this cookware should be taken into consideration. The thickness of the equipment can affect the type of foods to prepare on it. Thin griddles are best for breakfast meals like frying eggs and slices of bacon. While thick ones are best for meats, frozen items, and lunch foods.

The material used in making this equipment can include steel, non-stick aluminum, ceramic, and cast iron. Most griddles are made of steel because it is easier to clean than other materials. It also conserves heat more than others. However, each material is effective in cooking both breakfast and lunch foods.


It is important to know the types of griddles available so that you can make an informed choice. If you like a portable and convenient one, the electric one is always the best option. But if you want one that allows you to prepare a range of delicious and sumptuous meals, then the gas griddle is the best choice. Whatever your needs and preference are, make sure you choose the right griddle for your kitchen.

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