Chicken Lababdar

Chicken Lababdar

Chicken Lababdar is a delicious chicken gravy recipe. This recipe is very much similar to butter chicken but much more delicious.

It is consist of very rich flavor of spices and mainly the kasuri methi which gives it a unique taste. This is a main course recipe and can be served with Rice and Chapatti.

This recipe is served mainly in mughlai restaurants and this recipe is unknown to many parts of the world.

Hope you will enjoy this devine taste. Let’s see the necessary ingredients and step by step method of cooking this recipe.

Chicken Lababdar Recipe

Chicken Lababdar Recipe murgh lababdar recipe

Necessary Ingredients For Cooking Chicken lababdar:

  • Chicken 800 gram,
  • Onion 3 large chopped,
  • Tomato 2 large 1 to make tomato puree other one chopped,
  • Bell pepper cut into cubes,
  • For marinate the chicken (1 tbsp rice powder, 1 tbsp all purpose flour, 1 tbsp black pepper and salt),
  • Coriander powder 1 tbsp,
  • Redchilli powder 1 tsp,
  • Turmeric powder 1 tsp,
  • Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp,
  • Kasuri methi 1 tbsp,
  • Cooking cream 1 tbsp,
  • Oil ,
  • Butter 1 tbsp,
  • Salt as per taste,
  • Sugar 1 tsp

Method Of Cooking Chicken Lababdar Step By Step:

Step One: Wash and clean the chicken. Merinate it for 30 minutes. For merination take 1 tbsp rice powder, 1 tbsp all purpose flour, 1 tbsp black pepper powder and some salt. Mix all this with chicken and merinate.

Step Two: Now heat a pan and oil into it and fry the merinated chicken until golden brown. Fry all the chicken. Don’t put all the chicken togethe. Just put the small amount and fry. Next batch fry remaining amount.

Step Three: Now another pan add oil and 1 tbsp butter into it.

Step Four: Add chopped onion to it and fry until it gets brown. Fry in medium flam. After onions getting brown add ginger garlic paste and fry until raw flavor gone.

Step Five: Now add tomato puree and tomato chopped together and fry .

Step Six: Its time to add the spices like Coriander powder, Turmeric powder and redchilli powder. Fry until spices starts releasing oil.

Step Seven: To avoid burning the spices some water can be added. Just sprinkle some water.

Step Eight: Once the spices strts releasing the oil add our fried chicken and mix evenly.

Step Nine: Add water. I have added 1 cup of water. Close the lid. Cook for 15 minute in medium flame. Stir in-between.

Step Ten: After 15 minute mix nicely again and add some kasuri methi and mix nicely.

Step Eleven: Add salt as per taste and mix.

Step Twelve: Now add some cooking cream to it and mix nicely.

Step Thirteen: Last ingredient is add some sugar which enhance its taste.

Delicious Chicken Lababdar Recipe is ready. Enjoy this recipe with hot steamed rice and chapati.

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