2022 is just around the corner, so take note of the upcoming dating trends to find your perfect match.

Any chance of a meet-cute was greatly hindered by the lockdown. But now, as the world reopens, it’s time to take all of those pandemic behaviors and channel them positively towards your dating life. Pop culture, by no surprise, has coined new terms to define these 2022 expected dating trends.


The dating site Plenty of Fish has conducted a study highlighting that ‘gambiting’ will be a big part of dating in 2022. This takes the form of approaching relationships and dates with a strategic and well-thought-out plan. Remote work and curfews have forced many of us into isolation.

However, this has given singles a lot of time to invest in themselves and think about what they want. 31% of singles surveyed admitted to the act of gambiting, with 1/3 of those being Gen Z. This idea goes hand in hand with what Bumble describes as ‘fast-forwarding’.

The act of telling your partner exactly what you are searching for straight off the bat, avoiding confusion and wasted time down the line.

Conscientiously Single and Exploring

Following this, you have those who are ‘resigning’. The study has shown that many couples have ended their long-term relationships after gaining clarity during the pandemic. 2022 will highlight the importance of finding the right person and that it’s okay to be alone while you search.

Many singles who spoke to Bumble (43%) said they would step outside their comfort zone and explore dating someone they usually wouldn’t choose. This is in the hopes of avoiding the deja-vu effect or meeting someone similar to their ex.

PDA and Handticipating

In 2022, the love language of physical touch will be moving over to make way for ‘handticipating’: This idea is derived from the current confusion about where physical boundaries lie. Is a hug overboard? Is a handshake too much? Should we still be socially distant?

Though funnily enough, 64% of singles who spoke to Bumble explained that they would now be much more comfortable showing public displays of affection than in previous times.

The Desirability of Vaccines

Of course, it cannot go unnoticed that considering a potential partner’s vaccine status will play a big role in the 2022 dating trends. Considering whether your next mate has been vaccinated, and if so, which brand they received (dubbed ‘Moderna-love’) is now a desirable and sought-after trait.

Many online dating sites have even created an option for their members to add a vaccine ‘sticker’ to their profile. It seems to no longer be a case of shoot your shot but rather get your shot.

Online and Audio

With the world reopening its doors, 2022 is the time for online dating sites to reinvent themselves. A large amount of money is now being invested into audio features on dating apps, along with video calls and the option to send virtual gifts.

This gives a comforting and more realistic connection between singles online. Not to mention the new safety measures and reassurance that it is providing to its users.

Online dating has been a fantastic resource for singles. This shall continue to be the case in 2022, with an enormous number of outlets created for every niche. All sites are now widely inclusive of each race, religion, and interest. Examples include Christian dating sites, Asian dating sites, Fitness Singles, Gamer options, and many more.

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