14 Gourment Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

Food, glorious food! Everyone can appreciate the nuances of a good plate of food no matter your palette. Shopping for a gift for your loved one who loved food even more than they love you can be no easy feat. Whether you’re shopping for a professional chef, a budding beginner, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

1. A Sweet Delivery

Satiate Their Sweet Tooth with a little sugary snack. Why not send them a little sweet treat out of the blue to know you’re thinking of them. Some gourmet cookies or fudgy brownies are a welcome surprise to anyone – foodie or not!

2. A Stunning Cocktail Shaker Set

A cocktail a day keeps the doctor at bay (well…maybe), so a cool shaker set will keep any budding mixologist entertained for hours. Why not incorporate the set into a large hamper alongside their favorite bottles of booze and all the ingredients to their most loved mixed drink? Just appoint yourself as chief drink taste tester and you’ll also be reaping the benefits!

3. A Well-Crafted Knife Set

A solid set of knives is vital to any cook – whether they’re the next Gordon Ramsey or a total rookie. Investing in beautifully crafted blades for your loved one will be giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime Forgo large blocks with 8-12 knives as they are not necessary. You’ll be getting more bang for your buck if you purchase a smaller but better-quality set. The holy trio is of knife essentials are a chef’s knife for cutting large meat and vegetables, a paring knife for smaller peeling and chopping, and a serrated knife for thick-skinned fruit, vegetables, and bread.

4. A Personalised Apron

Cooking can be a messy experience, so an apron will keep them clean and dry. Look for a personalized option you can add their name to with plenty of pockets for their utensils. Or swing the other way and opt for a fun and silly print for an uptight cook who takes themselves way too seriously!

5. A Pasta Maker

If your loved one is pasta obsessed (and let’s face it – who isn’t!) then a pasta machine will be a total hit. Fresh pasta is just better than the bags you find on the dry foods aisle but buying a few bags every week can end up being pretty pricey. Pasta makers will ensure your foodie friend can indulge in fresh pasta every day of the week if they wish with hardly any effort. It’s an especially great present for those with food allergies or intolerances as they can make a dough suitable for their restricted diet.

6. Cookery Classes

Help your friend elevate their skills with a cookery class. There are tons of cooking courses incorporating flavors from all over the world that tantalize the tastebuds and will leave your loved one feeling like a master of their craft. If you can’t make it to an in-person class then try a virtual one. Bonus points if you sneakily choose your own favorite cuisine so you can savor their new skills!

7. A Humdinger Of A Hot Sauce Set

Any spice lover worth their salt will love a hot sauce set. Look for a good variety of flavors and a balance of spicy, sweet, and savory for a well-rounded journey of saucy discovery.

8. An Instant Pot

Not all foodies feel like cooking all of the time, and for some, the main focus is eating! An instant pot is a fantastic gift if your loved ones lead busy lives that don’t always lend themselves to hours of cooking. Rice, veg, meat, and more, these little pots make midweek meals easy as pie – which can also be cooked in one! Pop little bags of rice or pasta into the pot for an extra surprise treat and a little recipe inspiration!

9. An Olive Oil Selection

A good chef knows their oils and how to use them. A drizzle here and a drop there can elevate the most thrown together of midweek dishes. Chilli oil, garlic oil, and truffle oil are great options to gift as they go with a ton of flavors.

10. A Treasured Le Creuset Casserole Dish

The holy grail of cast iron cookware has to be Le Creuset. Famous for their brightly colored pans, these babies are built to last a lifetime. Did you know that a Le Creuset is not actually a Dutch oven? Although it works the same, the Belgian/French brand added enamel to the already existing Dutch version, inventing the cocotte, a pot with its own je ne sais quoi, and must be addressed as a French oven – oh la la! Casseroles aside, a Le Creuset can also be used to roast meat, bake bread and contain gooey fondues. Why not hide a little cookbook inside the pan for some extra inspiration for your gift recipient?

11. A Classy Cheeseboard

Who doesn’t love a good cheeseboard? A smart looking board with accompanying knives and a fork will put a smile on any fromage fanatic. Throw in a few mini jars of chutneys and some crispy crackers and you have an excellently executed gift!

12. Some Stunning Serving Dishes

As well as tasting delicious, food needs to look appetizing too. It’s a fact that we eat with our eyes and the mere sight of a meal can rile our senses into overdrive. Gifting a serving dish is not only a great present for a food lover but also adds a little something to their home décor.

13. A Wine Subscription (Hic!)

Food and wine go hand in hand and a wine club membership will give them an education in vino like no other. Foodie and wine expert? Sounds like someone you’d want at your next dinner party!

14. A Voucher For Their Favourite Restaurant

Sometimes your foodie friend will just want to down their utensils and eat out. Giving them a gift voucher for their most loved eatery will mean they can let their hair down and enjoy a well-deserved meal without any of the washing up!

Which gift is top of your buying list? Let us know in the comments!

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