Are Coffee Alternatives Any Good?

If you can’t start the day without a huge cup of coffee, you probably don’t understand people who don’t share your passion for this beverage. Yet, some just don’t like it while others don’t drink it for health reasons. These people can experiment with alternatives resembling a hug in a mug.

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Whether you’re a regular coffee drinker or just looking for a healthier alternative, there’s a substitute for you. You may not be interested in it until now, but you will be amazed at what a healthy roast can be made from, or at least a beverage reminiscent of it.

Substitutes are Healthier

In moderation, coffee is good for your physical and mental health. It awakens and gives the necessary energy to start the day. But despite many health benefits, caffeine also increases heart rate. It can cause some issues, so switching to a healthier beverage may be a smart choice.

You can find many other drinks that are better than coffee for your health. Cocoa or tea contains less caffeine than your favorite hot drink, but they are high in antioxidants. Chicory abounds in healthy fibers, which are great for digestion and promote the growth of good bacteria in your guts. Yerba mate has almost as much caffeine as coffee, but it also contains many vitamins and antioxidants.

You can also try mushroom drinks. These are delicious and contain about a seventh of the caffeine of coffee, which is why they are a good substitute for this beverage. Some of these blends taste like a real hug in a mug, although true coffee lovers will spot the difference.

As for health benefits, these drinks improve metabolism and can ease chronic inflammation. Some research even shows their potential in preventing cancer and heart diseases. On this link, find out if this drink is worth of hype.

Caffeine-Free Energy Boosters

Some people like coffee but are afraid of what caffeine can do to their health. In that case, they should go with caffeine-free alternatives like carob, dandelion, grain, or mushroom drinks. Other caffeine-free alternatives are chicory root, barley, and functional fermented beverages.

Great Tastes

Some coffee substitutes taste just like a real hug in a mug or as close as you can get. It all depends on the roast type, but some herbs and substitutes like acorn or chicory have an original taste resembling roasted beans. Others are just good alternatives with slightly different aromas.

But if you give them a try, you won’t be sorry. For a refreshing change of pace, try a latte made with chicory or a beet. You can mix a cup of carob or dandy with some honey to create a tasty blend. Barley is great when prepared in an espresso machine. When mixed with milk, it releases the sweetness and a coffee-like taste, but with no bitterness.

When it comes to taste, let’s be real, chocolate is something your palates like most. So cocoa can be an excellent coffee substitute, although their flavors don’t resemble at all. Cocoa boosts your metabolism and helps you cope with life’s challenges. Drinks based on this ingredient can also help you cope with depression and anxiety. If you’re a caffeine addict, switching to cocoa can be a lifesaver.

They Provide Energy

Some people find it difficult to cut their daily caffeine intake because they need it to endure the day. This compound is an energy booster, so removing it from your nutrition can result in energy and mood drops. People who drank a lot of coffee might have a hard time switching to something else.

So you have to find substitute drinks with less caffeine but still enough of it to keep you energized. To avoid jitters, you can try mud wtr, matcha tea, black tea, and clean organic energy drinks. Regardless of your preferred choice, these drink options contain antioxidants that can help your body combat stress.

A hug in a mug is a popular beverage, but its alternatives are also healthy and nutritious. Instead of drinking a cup of this beverage every day, consider switching to healthy options with less or no caffeine at all.

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