The Pros and Cons of Using A Charcoal Grill

Grills are devices that are used for cooking food by the application of heat from beneath. The food may also be cooked from above depending on the type of grill it is. It could also be both. Using a grill means that the food is roasted rather than boiled.

While most often they are used outside, some may be used indoors especially those with an overhead grilling feature. There are several types of grills. These include electric-powered, gas-powered, wood and charcoal.

Using a charcoal grill helps to add a special flavor to the food that using a gas or an electric one does not. This makes it one of the more preferred option for most people.

Typically, a charcoal grill will use either natural coals or briquettes. These change into embers that radiate the heat that is necessary for cooking the food when they are burned.

There are various configurations of grills. The most common are round or circular ones but there are square as well as rectangular ones too. Some come with lids while some do not. They may also come with a vent system that helps in heat control.


There are many advantages to using a charcoal grill. One of these is the cost. They are notably less expensive than electric or gas-powered ones. Asides from this, you will find more of their benefits below.

Better Taste

As mentioned earlier, using charcoal helps to add flavor to your food making it taste better. There is a smoky and tender taste that you get when using it which cannot be achieved by other grill types.

They are Portable

Most charcoal grills are also quite portable. This makes them easy to transport to wherever you need them. They easily fit in your vehicle unlike gas or electric that has to go along with gas tanks and cords.

They Burn Hotter Than Electric or Gas

Charcoal grills readily burn hotter than their gas or electric counterparts. What this helps to achieve is a crusty and crispy outer layer but a tender inner layer. Also, the fire does not flare up like in a gas option. With this, you can use the flames to your advantage and this will help your food to cook slowly.

It Is Easy To Use and To Control the Way the Food Cooks

There is no way to dial down the heat of a charcoal grill but you can leave some areas without burning coals. By doing this, you can control the temperature. When you need to slow down cooking, you simply move the food to the areas that have no burning briquettes.

You can sear your meat and move it to a cooler area to finish cooking slowly. Even with this, the food still gets to absorb the smoky flavor. In this way, you can cook a variety of food on one charcoal grill easily.

It allows you to cook your meat and at the same time your corn or any other thing together. You will find more of its benefits by reading through this article.


The major downside to using a charcoal grill is having to wait for the briquettes or coals to heat up. This can take anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes before it reaches an adequate temperature. Also, it can be messy and may require a lot of cleaning up when you are done.

Another con of using this type of grill is that ashes may get into your food. Also, if you need to cook for longer, you will need to keep adding more coals. Besides, the grills do not come with a lot of additional features.

All these do not have to dissuade you from using the grill as you can always find your way around these issues. You can start the fire before you are ready to begin cooking. By doing this, you avoid having to wait for the coals to heat up.

You can use charcoal devices that have bottom vents or trays to collect the ashes to avoid a mess. You then safely dispose of this. Additionally, there are various accessories you can use to have a more enjoyable experience. You will find how to properly use a charcoal grill here


Grills are great for roasting and cooking food outdoors. There are many types available and each has its unique benefits and features. The jury is out on which type is the best but in the end, this depends on your peculiar needs. If this includes enjoying a special smoky flavor and lower costs, then a charcoal device is for you.

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