5 Interesting Facts About the Way Figs Taste

Figs are indigenous to western Asia, the Baltic, and the Middle East, but they are consumed worldwide for their aromatic and pleasant taste. Read on and discover some interesting facts about how this fruit looks and what figs taste like.

A Bit about How Figs Look

The color of fresh figs is purple, brown, or light yellowish or greenish. The flesh of the fruit is soft with a reddish color. Inside the leathery shell are a lot of edible seeds. The taste is sour-sweet, not at all as sweet as dried figs.

1. Way to Use Figs 

The taste of fresh fig is sour-sweet but not as sweet as that of dried or semi-dried figs. The fruit is eaten rinsed with the peel. However, a thick-shelled fig is worth peeling first!

  • For the best and sweetest flavor, you can use figs when the peel is thin, and the strain is like oozing sugar.
  • Figs and cheeses, especially blue cheeses, are a good pair of flavors. Fresh, juicy figs are perfect for salads and appetizers.

2. What Are Ripe Figs Like?

The ripe fig feels a little soft when pressed. It is comfortably ripe, even when sticky. Figs are best carried from the store home in your hands rather than crammed into a shopping bag, as they are more sensitive.

3. What Do Figs Taste Like?

Figs are as delicious to eat as they are to smell. The flavor varies based on the type. However, all figs have the same basic taste: sweet and moist on the inside. The fig’s flesh is jelly-like and tangy but not particularly juicy. When you eat it, you may feel the flavor of the small seeds. Mission figs have a sweet taste, but the acidic and fruity aroma matches it. Another kind, called Cali Myrna, is popular in Turkey and has a nutty flavor.

4. You Can Eat Figs with Peel 

The peel of the fig is very thin, so handle the fruit carefully. You can eat as it is with its peel if the peel is not very thick, as long as you rinse the fruit thoroughly first. The fresh fruit can be enjoyed with whipped cream too, but it goes well with salads of different cheeses, such as mold cheese. Also, you can use it for seasoning the dishes like chicken curry.

5. Figs, Fruit, Compotes, and Jams

Figs can be used much like any other fruits in pastry, whether sliced into sponge cake dough or topping for cakes and tarts.

Figs taste like sweet honey, which makes them more favorable to many. They also add a nice look to the finishes if you laminate or break them into quarters. You can roast it with spices to bring out its flavor, or cook it with sugar to make compotes and jams.

  Pro Tips to Get the Better Taste! 

  • The skin of figs is delicate and porous. It will help if you do not rinse them directly under the tap to avoid being saturated with water and losing their taste. To clean them, wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • To determine whether a fig is fit to consume, it has to have moderately wrinkled skin, release a small amount of sugar when opened, and have a somewhat tilted neck. Fresh and dried figs are available, but they contain additional sugar than most other fruits.

In The End

The fig fruit is preferred by many because of its fantastic health benefits and wonderful taste. This fruit is not just only nutrient-rich but among the oldest ones consumed by humans. That’s why it’s called ‘the fruit of heaven’.

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