How Can You Store Acai Bowl for a Longer Shelf Life

Acai bowls are tasty smoothie bases with fruit, almonds, and seeds on the top. They’re delicious when they’re fresh, but you may find them tricky to store as they get watery or melt in the absence of proper storage. So, can you keep acai bowl in fridge? Yes, why not! But, you have to take care of many things while storing them. Here are a few ways to extend your acai bowl’s shelf life.

Take Out the Toppings

Take the toppings out of the container and place them in an airtight jar if possible. If it’s just nuts or seeds, keep the bowl in the refrigerator or put it out at average temperature. Don’t think about scooping off the toppings if you blended them with a smoothie. If you leave toppings to stay on top of the smoothie, they may turn soggy when stored.

Drizzle the Smoothie

Empty the base of the smoothie into a glass or plastic jar with care. To keep the container airtight, cover it with a cap. If you have glass jars, you can use them instead of plastic containers since they usually seal easier.

Keep the Smoothie Part in the Chiller

To keep the smoothie part cool enough, place your airtight jar on the bottom-most compartment of the fridge. Acai bowls start to get gooey in the refrigerator; it is why you must freeze them. For excellent taste and texture, consume your acai bowl within a day.

Thaw at Normal Temperature

Take the acai bowl off the fridge and keep it on the shelf when you’re about to serve it again. Allow for a 10-minute warm-up time. Doing so will help you consume it quickly. It doesn’t have to be warm to eat, though; it must be good to consume with a spoon.

Blend the Smoothie

Now you need to blend the smoothie to combine the liquids. Remove the cover off of your acai bowl and pour the contents into a container. Recombine the ingredients with a spoon to achieve the desired texture.

Put your acai bowl in the mixer and put in some yogurt or alligator pear if it’s too watery. If the acai bowl is too thick, add some ice or pureed fruit to thin it out.

Add Toppings

To finish off your acai bowl, pull out the toppings from the fridge and add some new ones. Consume the acai bowl until it begins to warm up. Acai bowls freeze well once, so if you don’t finish your acai bowl this time, throw it out.

So, to answer the question, can you keep an acai bowl in the fridge? You can, but not more than once.

Want To Carry Acai Bowl?

If you want to carry an acai bowl to work, you can do it without much pain. Just follow the steps below to do it the right way.

Pack the Toppings

Separate the nuts, seeds, and chopped berries into airtight containers the night before to have enough time in hand. You won’t have to do it in the morning when rushing to the office, and also, they won’t get soggy from being atop a smoothie during the night.

Mix the Frozen Components

Try to use frozen berries for the foundation of your smoothie, and then substitute the liquids. To do this, you must buy a blender that is designed especially for mixing smoothies for the highest quality.

Use a Thermos Flask

Pour the ingredients into a big thermos flask with a tight lid. To leave space for garnishing, fill the thermos to about 3/4 size. To ensure that the ingredients remain, make sure the cover is airtight. Check to see if your thermal flask has a good insulation feature to keep the smoothie cool.

Final Step

Lastly, place the thermal flask in the refrigerator overnight before going to bed. It will make sure that the smoothie remains cool and fresh. Don’t worry; the smoothie won’t melt due to the fridge and thermos’ dual insulation.

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