Things To Know About Silver Tequila

Everyone has had a drink of these bad boys, as they are popular in almost every country worldwide. The first order of business is the question, what is tequila? It is a drink that is distilled and made from the Agave tequilana, Agave Azul, or blue agave. It is produced only in five areas around Mexico, and they are Michoacan, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Nayarit, and Jalisco.

These areas are known for the origins of the tequila drink, and they are recognized amongst other countries as such. More than one-hundred and sixty-six kinds of agave, and equally one-hundred and twenty-five can be found in Mexico.

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The History Of Tequila

It began in Mexico’s territory more than a thousand years ago, more specifically from the ages of two-hundred and fifty to three hundred AD. In these times, Aztecs were the first ones to discover this beverage.

They successfully made a cloudy, pulque, sour-tasting alcoholic beverage made in that time just from the extraction process of sweet sap from the plants and then fermenting it whole. This drink was considered hallowed alcohol and was only consumed during sacred rites or during religious ceremonies.

But after many years, when the Spanish came onto Mexico’s territory, ran out of their supply of brandy, they tried to use their knowledge of distillation to try and recreate an agave. Thus, the era of tequila has begun.

In the sixteen hundred, the first known mass-production of tequila was made with an official license to produce it. At the time, the king who approved the production process was Carlos the fourth. There are more than twenty-two thousand licensed agave farmers in the tequila business who are globally recognized.

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How Is It Made?

You may have had a few hangovers from these drinks, as anyone probably had. This drink is part of everyone’s youth, and it is still globally consumed in massive amounts. What you need to know is how they are made?

They are made from a very specific plant called blue agave, which grows for six years before it matures. Some other plants that are planted in the highlands can take even up to twelve years to develop properly.

When they reach maturity, this plant produces a single flower, and after that, it dies. This is when skilled farmers know to take advantage of, and that is when they harvest the flower. These flowers can weigh up to thirty-two kilograms, and they are roasted in an oven for one to two days.

After the cooking process is finished, the heart is then pressured and shredded to release the juices that are trapped inside of it, which are also known as honey water. After this, the process of fermentation and distillation begins.

Silver Tequila

The name may sound familiar to you, or you may have only heard the word tequila. But sometimes someone could have said this name, and you asked yourself what is silver tequila, and what is the difference between it?

In other words, it is known as platinum, white, or Blanco tequila. This is the first tequila that is directly bottled from the distilling process. The first bottles that are filled up by the producers are the silver tequila.

Some manufacturers let the drink age for a few weeks, but some allow it to age even more. It all comes down to their taste. However, it should be placed in a stainless-steel container, which is mandatory to maintain the flavor juices from the flower.

In the drink development process, the aging period is a crucial phase. This is when the drink acquires its unique taste and aroma. The length of the aging period can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer’s preference and the type of drink being produced. Regardless of the duration, the goal is always to enhance the drink’s flavor profile and ensure a high-quality product.

This is what gives the strong taste of the silver tequilas. On the other side, they are budget-friendly drinks, and this is because it requires the least amount of effort in order to be made. This drink can be mixed into many cocktails, and it is most likely that many people have had a hangover from this drink.

One thing about this alcohol is inevitable, and that is the more it ages, the less are the chances that it will pair up perfectly with other ingredients for a perfect cocktail.

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