Top Tips for Upgrading your Next BBQ to the Next Level

Who doesn’t love a BBQ, with the smell of meat cooking in the fresh air and the sounds of people enjoying themselves on a balmy night? However, the humble BBQ needn’t be; it can be a fancy as you want to make it. So, the next time you’re eyeing up a packet of sausages and thinking about heading outside to grill, think again. With these ideas, you’ll be taking your next BBQ up a level in no time.

Sides and Vegetables

A BBQ is so much more than just throwing some meat on the grill and eating just that; rather, it should be a multi-dish occasion. The humble side dish rounds out a meal yet is often overlooked. Many vegetables, such as corn on the cob or veg skewers, cook amazingly on the grill. Add to these crisp green salads, antipasti, and the ubiquitous chips and dip, and now you have a true feast to enjoy.

Up Your Meat Game

Don’t be afraid of grilling expensive cuts of meat as they work wonderfully on the grill if you take a little care. A grilled hanger steak is an absolute treat in itself; add to that the smokiness from a charcoal BBQ, and your guests will be amazed. Nor must you stick to beef; venison has a beautiful yet not overwhelming, gamey taste that makes for a succulent addition to the grill. And if you can’t BBQ without sausages, try venison sausages for a touch of luxury.

Fish And Poultry

Upping your meat game doesn’t just have to mean fancy red meat either. Many people don’t realize that they can grill chicken or fish either. Whole fish can be grilled by either wrapping it in foil or using a special fish grilling basket, both of which give delicious results. For a more straightforward approach, try making skewers of fish or chicken with vegetables. The lack of bones cuts down on cooking time, plus they’re fun to eat, so they appeal to young and old alike.


Surprise your guests by going offbeat and using a pizza stone on your gas grill. You could make a couple of pizzas for the table as a starter while the main show cooks or turn the whole night into BBQ pizza night. Have a selection of toppings laid out and let everyone make individual pizzas that you then cook before their very eyes.


No good meal is finished without dessert, which is also true of a BBQ night. Many delicious, sweet treats can be prepared on both gas and coal BBQs. S’mores are an old favorite, of course. Or try a banana sliced lengthways filled with chocolate and coconut. Wrap it in foil and place it over the dying embers of coals or low heat if gas. The banana goes soft and caramelly and is fantastic with the melted chocolate.

Almost anything that can be cooked indoors can be cooked outdoors on the BBQ. So, get adventurous with your grilling, and your next BBQ is sure to be next-level amazing.

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