Top Easy Recipes For Academic Writers

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Write Every Day

The habit of “creating” every day is the most important thing. If you want to be successful as a writer, learn this.

Sit Down To Write At The Same Time

If you start writing the text at the same time, the subconscious mind will “remember” and will help you. It’s like following a meal schedule – when a person teaches himself to eat at the same time, the body itself makes it clear at the right time that it’s time to eat.

The same is with creativity – if you sit down to write every day, for example, at 10 am, then the subconscious mind will immediately understand that you want to engage in creative activity now and will help you in every possible way.

For example, Stephen King works every day and starts work at about the same time. It’s always good to learn from the best! So pick the right time and go!

Create Rituals For Work

British writer Virginia Woolf preferred to write books while standing. Mark Twain is lying. Fyodor Dostoevsky recited his works aloud, and Vladimir Nabokov wrote on cards.

As you can see, many great authors had work rituals that simplified the creative process. So it is recommended that you come up with your own rituals that will help you get involved in work easier.

Read Like A Writer

From now on, when you read books, try to do it like an author. What I mean is, focus on how things “work” in the works of other writers. That is, analyze the works, instead of enjoying them, as the reader does. At the same time, try to read not everything in a row, but suitable literature, in which everything is described as you yourself would like to describe.

Write a Little

You can’t list the best tips for aspiring writers without mentioning this point. After all, if you plan to write a book, then the fear of a large amount of work can put you into a stupor. To prevent this from happening, write a little. And there is no need to make “Napoleonic plans”, because the more efforts you spend at the beginning, the higher the probability that you will “burn out” and abandon creativity.

So remember: write a little and take breaks so you can fully recover and get back to business. And when you get used to the small amount of work, you can raise the bar.

Observe And Make Notes

Amusement park, roadside cafe, dark alley – a writer will find inspiration everywhere. The main thing is to be careful and always write down ideas that suddenly appear. Otherwise, there is a risk of forgetting them. So install a suitable note-taking application on your smartphone, or use the built-in voice recorder (yes, you no longer need to walk with a paper notebook and a separate voice recorder), and be always on the alert!

Watch Movies And TV Shows Like Writer

Ray Bradbury encouraged aspiring authors to watch movies. Why? Because it is a valuable source of inspiration. The same goes for TV shows. And to watch them like a writer, you need to pay attention to the structure of the plot, as well as notice the details that you like.

Don’t Worry About Bad Drafts

This article contains only important tips for aspiring writers. And this one is one of the key ones. Reading the works of Gabriel García Márquez, Kurt Vonnegut, and other great authors, you might think they’re making good stories right away. However, this is a delusion. A bad draft is a common thing. Even for an experienced writer. So be aware that in order to create a successful story, sometimes you have to start with a weak draft.

Cultivate Your Imagination

There are many ways to develop your imagination: making up stories on different topics, playing associations, choosing any object and trying to write a story about it.

Find A Place To Work

Choose the most suitable place to work. This could be your room, library, or even a cafe. The main thing is to be comfortable. And here again the subconscious will help: when you start to regularly be creative in the chosen place, then the subconscious will understand that this is the place where you always “create”. This makes it easier to generate ideas.

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Fight Perfectionism

When giving advice to aspiring writers, always mentioning how harmful perfectionism is. After all, the desire to create an ideal work can haunt the author even to the end of his life. The problem is that there is no “perfect”. Healthy perfectionism is okay, but if you go too far, you run the risk of deleting most of the text and making the work “dull”. Know when to stop.

Find Like-Minded People

Find other authors. Look for them in the writing groups. A community of like-minded people is extremely important for those who have just started their creative journey.

Take Your Business Seriously

If you take writing seriously, the results will be appropriate. So try to constantly improve your writing skills, regularly devote time to creativity, and the desired result will not keep you waiting!

Edit The Text Yourself

Do you remember the proverb: “After dinner comes the reckoning”? Let`s paraphrase it: “You love to compose, love to edit”. Everything is clear as it is – edit the text yourself, it will always come in handy.

Reward Yourself For Completing Things

Paragraph # 15 on the list: “Tips for Academic Writers” – the ability to reward yourself.

Completed all tasks for today? Buy yourself your favorite chocolate bar!

Why reward yourself? The answer is simple: it will motivate you to move on. And the chocolate is also delicious.

Just don’t overdo it – reward yourself deservedly!

Tell Everyone That You Are A Writer

First, tell yourself: “I am a writer.” And the next time someone asks what you do, answer them in the same way: “I am a writer.” If you haven’t told anyone this before, it can be difficult at first. But then you will get used to it.

Complete It To The End

You will not become a real writer if you do not learn how to finish what you started. And unfinished stories will remain “gathering dust” on the computer. It is understandable that in the process of creativity, brilliant ideas for the plots of other works can arise. But at the same time, there may be a desire to abandon the work that has been started, because it is supposedly boring, and you will want to start a new idea. But there is no need to rush, ideas will not run away anywhere – write them out and work further on the essays you have begun. The world must see them.

Plan All Your Things

If you don’t make a list of tasks, the writing process can turn into chaos, and the previous tips for aspiring writers on this list will lose their meaning. After all, in order to be productive, you need order.

Ask Loved Ones To Rate Your Work

When you finish working on papers, ask a couple of friends or relatives to rate your creation. It doesn’t matter if they are writers or not. It’s easier to spot someone else’s mistakes, that’s how it works. But you will immediately know what needs to be fixed. But you do not need to correct something if you do not agree with this, and your refusal is reasoned.

Never Mind The Critics

Fear of criticism is one of the most common fears among authors. If you are sensitive to criticism, it will be difficult to make progress in the field of writing. So, the advice here will be: if you are not criticized, then you have not achieved anything in life.


After all, people begin to criticize only those who are trying to break out of the “gray mass” and strive for success. Most people do not like this because they themselves could not overcome their fears and simply decided to “crush” everyone who is trying to succeed. Remember this and do not fall for the tricks of the provocateurs. And do not criticize other authors unless they ask for it. And if asked, then criticize constructively!

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