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For all the whiskey fans out there, this is the perfect guide for entertainment, gaining knowledge, and exploring a little bit. Believe it or not, the beginnings of the history of whiskey are pretty exciting. The whole story is one big adventure, and you will have the chance to learn about it today!

The history of whiskey wasn’t as smooth as the taste is, that’s for sure! Many people had to fight to continue to story of one of the most sophisticated drinks today. But as time went by, many documents were burned, torn apart, or just simply lost; the exact dates of the beginning of the story are hard to find.

Luckily the story about the evolution of the drink has been going on from generation to generation, grandparents to grandchildren, and so on. How it became what we know today as whiskey can be found in the text below. If you wish to continue reading and learn more about this topic, please click the link that follows:

History Of Whiskey

Many find it hard to believe that the first records of whiskey are from ancient Mesopotamia, so we talked about 2000 BC. Mesopotamia was located on the territory we know today as Syria and Iraq. People back then used the technique of distillation to create aromatics or even perfumes.

However, many archeologists believe that the story starts a lot earlier than that, but unfortunately, there is no evidence yet. The next thing scientist discovered is the written records for distillation in ancient Greece. On these records, the philosopher Alexander talks about making pure water from seawater by distilling it. That is why today, this drink is also known as “the water of life.”

After that, the process continued to spread across Europe, and over time it became more and more sophisticated. People started using it for making medications, treating smallpox, palsy, or even colic. The oldest water of life distillery with a license is located in the north region of Ireland and has wined this title back in 1608.

After that, a lot of distilleries tried their recipes and played with different flavors. Today there are precisely 133 licensed distilleries that can produce whisky. Read more on this link.

How Is It Made?

This process of making whiskey is a well-known process today. People ferment grain mash, and they distill it until getting the proper density. Different companies use different grains, and that is why there are different whiskey classes.

After that, the mixture that comes out of the distillation process is kept in wooden boxes or casks where it can age. You may compare this aging with wine, but actually, it is a little bit different. This drink doesn’t age in bottles but rather in a cask. Professionals know how much time is the perfect time for the water of life to age without being premature or extra-aged. How to find good water of life?


As you have noticed before, the history of whiskey began around 4000 years ago. That is a lot of history and a lot of literature to find. Because today there are dozens if not hundreds of whiskey types, you can find the best whiskey distillery in Kentucky by reading a couple of articles and guides.

First, you need to learn about the types of whiskey. For example, there are Corn, Wheat, Malts, Bourbon, and Rye. They all taste different from each other and can have almost completely different components.

Learn About Age

People immediately think if whiskey is God knows how old, it must be the best whiskey ever. Unless you are sure that the drink is what you are looking for, keep in mind that something is called extra old.

There are blogs on the internet that keep track of these kinds of things. A good thing to do is to visit them and read their notes. It will help you get a sense of which whiskey age is more or less the right one for you. Different drinks age differently, so there is no universal clock when it comes to a good drink.

Hunt And Taste

After all, we trust our sense more than we trust the sense of others online. The best thing to gain you experience is tasting different types of drinks and seeing which one you like the most. People differ from each other, so there isn’t only one drink in the world to suit everyone’s needs.

Hunt the whiskies you read about online, go out, and taste them. It is always good to know the bartender or the seller in the liquor store, so you avoid being tricked. Also, you can ask for their personal and professional recommendation and trust their choice.

After some hunting and researching, you are going to find the right drink for you. Don’t forget to read a little bit online on blogs to see the reviews from personal experiences worldwide.

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