The Best Restaurants to Try in London According to Experts

London restaurants were once a gastronomic chuckle mainly for the lack of originality and cuisines. However, the restaurant scene has changed drastically, more so under the lockdown period. London restaurant businesses have never been more diverse and inviting.

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Here’s a list of expert-handpicked London’s best restaurants for you to visit.


Brazilian Food, Drink & Culture

The Tia Maria restaurant in Vauxhall focuses on providing a culturally rich experience to its patrons. Located on South Lambeth Road, the venue encompasses the Brazilian culture and flavour to their fullest while serving delicious meals and drinks.

Known for its authentic South American menu and one of the best Brazilian bars & restaurants in London, Tia Maria creates a lively yet comfortable atmosphere. The nights are abuzz with live music and feature the hottest tunes from the “país do futebol” (the land of football) that will have you dancing away the night. The Brazilian bar matches the restaurant’s mood with its servings of traditional dishes, cocktails, and ten different beers on tap.

2.  VINS


Hidden among beautiful European houses and charming streets filled with trees giving off suburban energy is Vins – a neighbourhood restaurant in Islington, Canonbury, and wine bar owned and run by Vinny Burke.

Vins looks the part and behind its red velvet curtains creates a cosy, cute, and comfortable spot for diners to enjoy. Vins is probably among the best go-to ‘quick’ wine stops that can be found in the London area.

The menu is diverse and simple yet lets the traditional flavours of Europe sing through its dishes. Most of the dishes centre around seasonal European sharing plates that are ideal for halving, along with smaller serving options like fried potatoes with aioli dip and pickles and bread and butter. As its name implies, wines are central to the Vins’ dining experience, where customers can find low-intervention winemaking from small artisan producers.

Vins’ ambience is perfect for any occasion- from a relaxed and intimate date in London to a place to simply hang around with friends and chat with finger-licking food and a fun wine menu to pick from.


A laid-back gastropub with an upscale and modern British menu is the best way to describe Harwood Arms. Offering award-winning dishes and wine in the most relaxed and casual setting from the back streets of Fulham, the venue provides a unique experience.

Boasting the best British produce and centring their dishes on the game and wild food, the restaurant offers dining that can not be easily replicated. Being the only Michelin-starred pub in London proves their quality, food, and dining.

Harwood Arms focuses on its sustainable approach. Their game is locally sourced, and they make much use of their rooftop vegetable gardens in the summers, where they grow heritage tomatoes, radishes and strawberries- all of which are featured on their diverse menu.


Seasons, a contemporary gastronomy project, brings together five Bistrots in West London and a Flagship restaurant in Mayfair.

The menu at Seasons sings of quality and taste, the primary motivation behind the restaurant. The people at Seasons believe in bringing the best quality fish, vegetables, and dairy from the market to the table to satisfy its customers. Achieving just that, the restaurant also advocated mindful eating and providing food that touches the soul. Their menu respects seasonality, hence the name, and sustainability.


Cocotte is a farm-to-table rotisserie that provides its customers with healthy and homemade dishes.

Cocotte sources their free-range chickens from Evron, Pays de la Loire, France. These chickens are then marinated for a whole day in their special concoction of herbs and spices, which is then slowly cooked and finished on the spit.

The concept behind cocotte came from the founder and chef, Romain Bourrillon, who drew inspiration from working several years in different restaurants spread across France, New York City, Belgium, and London.

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Now that you know where to go, what are you waiting for?

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