6 Gift Ideas Your Coffee Lover Friends Will Love

Getting gifts for your loved ones is always an experience of its own. From trying to remember that one thing they mentioned months ago to making an educated guess on which color you should get, there’s definitely some kind of thrill in gift-giving.

Although it is true— it’s the thought that counts, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with having our loved ones actually loving the thing we bought for them. So, if you are looking for something coffee-related for the caffeine junkie in your life, look no more! Here we have concluded some of the best gift ideas they would love.

Smart Coffee Machine

With modernization rapidly happening around the world, smart technologies also keep popping up. Coffee machines are no exception to this fact, as coffee itself is often regarded as the “mood-maker” for its lover. Besides customization, the on-demand nature of a smart coffee machine fits the hustle and bustle culture of the urban civilization perfectly.

Should you happen to recognize a piece of your loved one in what you just read, then a Nespresso coffee machine is the perfect choice for them. Nespresso’s newest line of Bluetooth-connected machines, known as the Expert Coffee Machine, is perfect for the coffee lover in your life. On top of the customization in each cup, they can also enjoy a hassle-free routine as the Expert will automatically provide their daily fix, per your loved one’s time preference.

However, if you are looking for a more budget and space-friendly smart coffee machine, then Nespresso’s Prodigio is your best choice. Thanks to this machine’s technology, you can still connect it to your Nespresso App and enjoy all the main benefits that the Expert has to offer.

Coffee-Making Class

Conversation and quality time are two of the best companions to a cup of coffee. So, what better way to celebrate both things, other than learning a proper way to make coffee together? This way, you can add more to their pile of happiness, as they get to do something that they love, knowing they are loved and cared for by you.

Milk Frother

If your loved ones already have their favorite espresso maker and they love milk with their coffee, then a milk frother can be a gift to consider. Depending on their need, you can choose between a manual, hand-held electric, and automatic frother. Before you buy it, make sure to have a closer inspection of their espresso machine, as some already have a built-in frother.

For personal daily use, a hand-held electric frother is typically the way to go due to its practicality and space-efficient nature. One of the best sellers for an electric frother is made by Zulay, which comes in many color variations and at an affordable price.


There’s nothing more annoying than drinking coffee at the wrong temperature. Whether it is melted-ice-infused coffee or one that has gone cold, having your pre-game fix not to your preference can often set your morning wrong. However, if your loved ones usually have their coffee on the go, you can simply solve this issue for them with a good-quality tumbler.

YETI’s Rambler 20 OZ Tumbler has recently been the talk of the town. This tumbler can keep your coffee’s temperature to your preference, and it’s a relatively affordable price. You can enjoy up to 4 hours of best-quality coffee.

French Press

If your coffee aficionado is more of a hot or cold brew type of person, we got you covered. A french press is widely known for its compact build and simple steps in producing a bold and rich cup of coffee. They can enjoy their morning pick-me-up by simply following the right treatments for their coffee ground.

Having said that, if your loved one travels a lot, then getting an AeroPress might be a better option. Though it is similar to a french press, AeroPress is far more portable and requires less time in its brewing process. Furthermore, it produces a more mellow-tasted coffee without sacrificing the coffee’s strength.

Smart Mug

Still on the issue of coffee temperature and modernization, if the coffee addicts in your life prefer to enjoy their coffee at home, then upgrading their mug can be a good option. Unlike their regular mug, a smart mug can ensure the temperature of their coffee to its last drop.

Today, Ember Mug² is one of the most recommended products in the market. This mug can be connected via Bluetooth to the Ember App on your smartphone, where you can set the temperature that you want your drinks to be at. Ember Mug can last up to 90 minutes per serving, with one single charge.

Despite the many benefits that each tool has, it is important to reel back and remember that you are not buying this for yourself. Instead, keep in mind what your loved one needs and try to think in their shoes as you decide which product to buy. Good luck!

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