The 3 Benefits You Get From Eating Wild Game Meat

In Europe, there is a culture of eating many different types of meat. There is a wide variety of meats that go beyond beef, chicken, and pork. They love to eat rabbit and lamb as well as much wild game meat. Go to any butcher and they will have pheasant, venison, and would boar right alongside the beef and pork.

You may be intimidated by having all of these choices if you are unfamiliar with them. The antidote is to get familiar by getting some game meat and then following some recipes for specific game meat. Hopefully, you know a hunter if you can’t find this meat locally.

Or, you can hunt it yourself and help manage your wildlife area in the process. Learn to hunt and you can supply your family with meat for a lifetime with just a rifle, AR scope mounts, and a knife.

In this article, we will go over several of the reasons why you should be eating more game meat whether you decide to hunt it yourself or not.

1 – Free Of Additives

Scan the meat counter at your local supermarket and take note of the labels. Often, they will say things like “Hormone Free”, “Antibiotic Free” and more. The reason for these labels is that there has been a culture of adding chemicals, antibiotics and so much more to the meat that it became the norm. Now you have to go out of your way to find meats that don’t contain these things.

And just because the label says it doesn’t contain one thing, there is no way to know if it doesn’t contain something else equally bad. It’s basically just a marketing campaign.

When it comes to game meat, there is no need for any labels. What you get is pure, unadulterated meat since the animal it was harvested from was living in the wild. They ate what was around them and had no access to any kind of antibiotics.

The reason for antibiotics in meat is because many animals that are processed are living cheek to jowl in the most literal of senses. They are packed together so tightly that infections are common and spread very quickly.

Since game animals are living in the wild there is little chance of the population being dense enough that there would be a risk of infection. And hunting thins the population to prevent the density that would allow for infections to occur, to begin with.

2 – It’s Healthier Than Most Meat

There is a certain addition by subtraction when it comes to how much healthier game meat is than regular. For the simple fact, that game has none of those additives it is inherently healthier and more natural. There is also far less fat.

That lean meat is ideal for those with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Lean meat from game is also high in protein but has a lot fewer calories since it has less fat.

People looking to gain muscle mass should switch from chicken to game for excellent results. In fact, it also has high amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is often isolated and used in body-building supplements. With game meat, you get it in your diet without having to use a supplement.

Since wild animals eat a natural diet that has the nutrients they need, the meat has much more Omega 3 than farmed meat. Game meat has one of the highest concentrations of these good fats in meat than just about any other.

3 – It’s Good For The Environment

Meat production is very intense and puts a strain on many resources. Beef production is also one of the leading sources of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. Not only does it produce a lot, but the production destroys the rainforest which is a carbon sink that helps remove carbon monoxide from the atmosphere.

Wild game roams free and is not at all a burden on the environment. They are not farmed so they don’t require water use, farmland to grow feed, or have any runoff that ends up in the water supply. It is renewable and sustainable with very little impact.

Weaning off of farmed meat and incorporating game will reduce the effects of factory meat processing and all of its ills.


Game meat is as delicious as it is healthy. Make an effort to substitute farmed meat with game meat at least a couple of times per month. If everybody were to do this it would make a big difference for the environment as well as public health.

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