How to Decide Which Instant Coffee is the Best One

Coffee professionals know the difference in taste and quality of coffee, whether instant or regular coffee. But for the enthusiasts who enjoy sipping their favorite brew, as long as it suits their taste, they may not know many of the things about the beverage. Many people use the term instant coffee, while other people call them crystal coffee, powder coffee, or soluble coffee.

How do you evaluate the qualities of instant coffee?

Many factors go into evaluating soluble coffee, from taste to aroma to the body of the coffee. A true-blue instant coffee lover, coffee does not only mean drinking it. They learn about the quality of the coffee beans and the techniques used in roasting. Here are more details.

  • Aroma refers to the smell of instant coffee when mixed with water. The aroma is a vital part of any coffee experience and prepares you for the flavor of the coffee. It can indicate the quality and freshness of the coffee. The manner of roasting also affects the flavor of the coffee.
  • The flavor of coffee refers to its taste and most of the qualities of coffee. It hints at various tastes. Coffee may be labeled as one-dimensional or flat, which may be a result of poor storage or processing. The organic makeup of the coffee beans contributes to the coffee’s overall flavor.
  • This aspect is more sensory. Understanding the coffee’s body refers to how it feels in your mouth. Likewise, the coffee body is about how the liquid coats the tongue, due to the oils, fats, and sediments. It is about the viscosity, thickness, and heaviness of the coffee that you feel while drinking it. Coffee professionals separate them into different categories, from light, medium, and full-bodied. Some descriptors include the coffee being syrupy, watery, thick, or buttery.
  • You will taste the bitterness of the coffee at the back of your mouth. Many people look for the bitterness, which you can taste when drinking espresso coffee. But it must be the right amount of bitterness, because too much will be unpleasant, such as when using too much soluble coffee in a cup. Most instant coffees are bitter because they are made from Robusta beans. On the other hand, premium instant coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans, which is less bitter.
  • You might not believe it but instant coffee has an inherent sweetness that you will taste while drinking coffee. It is not the sweet taste that you associate with candy. The sweetness is more related to the taste of caramel, chocolate or fruits.
  • This refers to the pleasant but sharp aftertaste or brightness of the coffee that you feel in front of the mouth. The right amount of acidity indicates the quality of the coffee. Professionals describe it as sharp, flat, crisp, lemony, tangy, or smooth.
  • The aftertaste is the one left on your tongue after drinking your coffee. You can describe the aftertaste as clean and smooth, parched sensation, or dry.

Now you know how to evaluate your instant coffee. So the next time you have a cup, take more time to savor the flavor and try to recognize any of its qualities.

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