Choosing Clean Water Delivery in Miami for Your Home & Business

Is the tap water you drink sanitary? Most individuals are not familiar with the purity and quality of the water they consume at home or in the office. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not entirely pure due to the use of chlorine and other chemicals. Therefore, a myriad of homeowners and business owners decide to invest in water delivery services, which provide pure and safe beverages.

If interested in Alkaline water delivery Miami, the following tips will assist you in the choice of provider.

Why Do You Need This Service?

At the onset of your journey towards selecting the best delivery service in Miami, you are advised to identify the reasons for using such a service. In general, the largest part of homeowners wishes to have water delivered to their homes because of convenience. Instead of wasting your spare time going to the store and dragging heavy bottles around, you could have jugs delivered to your doorstep.

Business owners, on the other hand, use this service to ensure their office workers drink purified aqua of high quality. Another aspect to consider is whether you will need a water dispenser. Such dispensers are extremely convenient for offices, as they can be placed in breakrooms for employees to refresh themselves when necessary.

Moreover, these dispensers look amazing in the kitchen, where family members can sip themselves a cup of the beverage at any time. Some dispenser models are even equipped with cooling and heating features, which are usually charged extra. Depending on the delivery service plan, you can either buy or lease the dispenser.

Check Out Their Products

Water delivery service providers in Miami, FL, provide a wide range of products to customers, such as purified, alkaline, spring, and well water. For instance, purified water is subjected to a purification treatment prior to being bottled and delivered. This purification process is performed for the purpose of removing all contaminants and bacteria without adding any distinctive taste. Therefore, the purified variant is highly recommended for regions where tap water is unsanitary.

Another popular product offered by beverage companies is alkaline water, known for its high PH of either eight or nine. The name “alkaline” refers to the PH level of this beverage, which indicates acidity on a scale from zero to fourteen. Besides its high PH levels, it also contains negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and alkaline minerals. In fact, ORP is what enables alkaline water to take the role of an antioxidant. Read here for more helpful information about the health benefits of this beverage.

Furthermore, this alkaline beverage is believed to have anti-aging properties owing to the presence of antioxidants in a liquid form. It is also thought to cleanse the colon, support the immune system, hydrate, and detoxify the body, boost skin health, etc. People with high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and hypertension are suggested to consume this liquid.

In contrast, spring water comes from natural sources, meaning it does not undergo a process of filtration. Consequently, it has a specific taste, which is determined by the content of minerals. Another product copious in minerals is well water, offering an array of health benefits. It is of the utmost importance for customers to research the sources, particularly those dwelling in areas where tap water quality is surprisingly poor.

Miami companies providing such services are expected to post information about their sources on the official websites for visitors to read. Companies disclosing no such information should be disregarded at once, as they might be bottling and delivering the same liquid you get from the tap. Besides being transparent about their sources, they should also be transparent about the process of purification and bottling.

Flexible Vs. Scheduled Refills

Another point of consideration when looking for such a delivery service in Miami is choosing between flexible and scheduled refills. Most offices opt for scheduled refills, as they wish to always have a full supply. Routine delivery plans are more cost-effective, as clients are offered a set price.

Homeowners, on the other hand, are better suited with flexible refills. For example, you will not be needing delivery during the time you are on vacation. However, you will probably require more jugs around the holidays because of having more visitors than usual. Over the summer, both office workers and household residents consume more liquids because of the boiling weather. Follow this link, to learn how much water you should drink a day.

Check The Quality Of Customer Service

The customer service of such service providers in Miami is of tremendous importance. These companies are expected to have helpful customer representatives to handle any issue and address every inquiry of consumers. It often happens to customers to make changes to their orders, which is why they should be able to reach a company representative over the phone or via email.

In order to assess their customer service quality, make sure you get in touch with some of the companies prior to signing up for delivery. You should receive a quick and detailed response instead of being left on hold. Additionally, these providers are supposed to notify clients about any delays in delivery, along with an explanation about the reason for the delay.

A Final Note

There is nothing more convenient than having bottles of pure water delivered to you. Choose the best alkaline water delivery service that you can trust for the health of you and your family, or even for your employees.

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