Healthiest Menu Items at Hooters

No can actually say that Hooters is a great place to get healthy food. At the very least, you can opt for the least unhealthy food in the menu. Some of these items come with too high levels of calories, fat, and sodium.

Still, you can do yourself a huge favor by limiting your orders to the following items:

Alaskan Snow Crab Legs

True, crab newbies may find the $25 Snow Crab Legs a bit messy to eat, but it’s great for many types of diets. It can help you keep within you daily calorie limits, since it only contains 520 calories. It also gives you 22g of protein, which helps to make you feel full enough that you won’t go looking for snacks too quickly afterwards.

It’s true that this comes with rather high fat levels, including 29g of saturated fat. But that’s not the crab’s fault. The fat mostly comes from the butter added to the crab, and you can always limit the butter (or even take it out altogether).

It also contains 1,270mg of sodium, but then again fast-food items are mostly known for their high sodium content. This is actually not bad, considering that many of the Hooters menu items come with a lot higher sodium levels.

Original Buffalo Chicken Tacos

This is another high-sodium item, but that can’t be helped. Still, this is not all that terrible when you can find other chicken items in the Hooters menu that contain more than 4,400mg of sodium.

But at least it only comes with 580 calories. If you’re trying to go with 2,000 calories a day, then these tacos can help you go within that limit. You also get lots of protein at 26g, which should help you feel full a lot longer. Eat these tacos for lunch, and you may not crave snacks throughout the afternoon.

This also contains just 18g of fat, with only 5g of saturated fat. All in all, it’s a lighter meal that should be healthier than most other items here.

Build Your Own Burger

Yes, Hooters has burgers, and some of them can be quite yummy. But many of those yummy burgers aren’t really all that healthy. The good news is that Hooters offers you the chance to fully customize your burgers. That means you can get the taste you want and also reduce the calories.

If you’re determined to keep it healthy, then try this burger style. With the burger patty, add tomato, onion, lettuce, mushrooms, and sauteed green peppers. Resist the siren call of the bacon and the cheese, and you’re good.

That should limit the fat content, but you still get 60g of fat and 21g of saturated fat. It can be worse, though.

This burger comes with 1,180 calories. While that may seem a bit high, that’s actually the lowest number of calories you can get compared to all the other hamburger options. At the same time, the 51g of protein helps build muscle while you also feel full a lot longer.

Keep in mind that this is still a burger, so you can’t expect low sodium levels. This has 2,770mg of sodium, but the others generally have higher sodium levels.

Chicken Garden Salad

No, not all the salad options in the Hooters menu are good for you. But this one certainly is. It provides just 320 calories, which is certainly a relief for those who are watching their weight. Even the sodium level is excellent at merely 590mg of sodium.

You still get 18g of protein along just enough carbs at 19g to keep you going for the rest of the day. The fat level isn’t bad either at 20g, with 10g of saturated fat. But you can request that the dressing should be placed on the side so you’re able to control the fat intake.

You can also order the Side Garden Salad with your meal, as it’s just the junior version of the Chicken Garden Salad. That gives you only 160 calories, 5g of saturated fat, and 290mg of sodium.

Cheese Sticks

This may be the healthiest appetizer in the menu, even though fried mozzarella sticks may not sound healthy at all. It even comes with 620 calories and 1,560mg of sodium. However, the 26g of protein and the 35g of fat can help you feel full, so that you may not end up craving for a high-calorie main dish afterwards.

Better yet, share this with a friend. It’s an appetizer, after all. It should start you up nice and ready for the main dish.

Dessert Shooters

These are actually small bites of different desserts, and you have 8 of them here. The whole thing totals 1,110 calories, with 41g of fat. These stats may be problematic, until you realize that this works better for a whole group of family and friends. Share this with 4 buddies, and you reduce the calorie intake significantly.

This also starts with just 710mg of sodium. When shared among friends, it offers very low sodium content for each one. Also, find recipes with specific nutrient amounts per serving here and plan your diet professionally.

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