5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

Many people who love cooking became full-on home chefs during the pandemic. With kitchens going into overdrive, remodels are on homeowners’ minds. However, a full kitchen remodel including new countertops, cabinets, and appliances can come with a high price tag. The good news is, there are ways to update your kitchen that can give it a refresh (especially if you are thinking about selling it soon), without necessarily hiring a contractor or engaging in a full remodeling project.

Repaint Your Cabinets And Give Them New Hardware

Taking out your cabinets and replacing them completely is no small task. But there’s a trick that home redecorators use that you can apply to your kitchen too. Removing the doors on your cabinets will allow you to repaint them, giving them an instant update. You can also remove cabinet hardware for a modern and coordinated touch. While you are updating your cabinet hardware, you can also consider replacing your faucet and getting newly coordinated kitchen towels.

Add A Kitchen Island

Some kitchens may not have the space, but adding an island can give your home a contemporary touch. An island doesn’t necessarily need to have a power outlet, but this can certainly be helpful — knowing that you will need to hire someone to get the job done right. A moveable kitchen island on wheels can also become a useful focal point of your kitchen, which can come in handy in prep and serving situations.

Get Creative With A Backsplash

A backsplash is one of those kitchen features that is useful and functional. It can add color and design to your kitchen while at the same time protecting your walls from water damage. A tiled (in porcelain, glass, stone, or another material) backsplash will be more involved and can come in a range of styles from painted tiles to solid colors. Another option is wood or steel. There are even peel and stick backsplashes that you can easily install on a weekend yourself.

Update Overhead Lighting

Lighting can transform any room and the kitchen is no exception. Adding recessed lighting under cabinets, pendant lights hanging over a bar or dining table, or even, a skylight can give your kitchen a contemporary flair while adding functional light for cooking and prep work. Potential home buyers will love having the extra light in the kitchen, too.

Add A Pop Of Color

Another way to go for an easy refresh is by adding a colorful wall to your kitchen. An accent wall can create energy and playfulness, especially if coordinated with the backsplash in your kitchen. Wallpaper is another way to go that can add a contemporary touch. Just be sure to use materials that are easy to clean and can handle moisture and spills.

You can give your kitchen a whole new look, without a remodel, by taking a cue from designers and creative details. You’ll have a new space that you can get cooking in, that will also be a pleasant space to spend time in. A few trips to the home improvement store may be all you need for this revived kitchen.

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