Starting a new diet can be extremely daunting – especially if you are on diet number nine or ten. Transition to a keto lifestyle slowly and deliberately. Each choice needs to be understood and agreed to wholeheartedly if your new diet is to yield the desired results.

A Ketogenic diet can drastically increase weight loss and improve multiple blood markers. With a few simple tweaks, your Keto journey can be easier than you think.

Read on for five simple tips and tricks to get you one step further to your health goals:

  1. Sub Out Regular Flour

When you’re first getting accustomed to the keto lifestyle, you’ll find so many new ingredients that you had probably never heard of before. Traditional diets (or lack thereof) have created a common use for products like corn syrup and refined wheat flour – both of which do your health and wellness absolutely zero good.

Instead of getting rid of flour for good, it is much easier to substitute regular flour for keto-friendly almond or coconut flour. Coconut flour has a third of the net carbs that wheat flour does, and almond flour is half of that even.

  • Add Herbs and Spices

A successful keto diet will mean giving up some of your favorite foods and everything else may seem too bland to make eating worthwhile. That is where herbs and spices come in.

Spicing up your mealtimes with the right blend can make all the difference. Willpower is a finite resource at the best of times, so the trick is to preserve it as much as possible. That is a lot easier when the food you’re eating has more flavor.

There are also several supplements you can add to your food and drink to make them healthier and taste better.

  • Create A Healthy Environment

What most people who start diets fail to realize at first, is how dependent they are on food and eating. If you track back along the timeline of humanity, we stopped eating to fuel ourselves a very long time ago.

Since then, eating has been an emotional, social, and psychological experience of note. People eat when they’re happy, sad, or anywhere in between. Create a healthy environment by removing food and drink items that aren’t part of your end-game goal. Choose wholesome ingredients that fit into keto breakfast recipes as well as other mealtimes.

  • Meditation

Diets, exercise, and the right mental headspace are critical elements of losing weight and staying healthy. Most diets fail dismally in the first few weeks – sometimes this high failure rate can be attributed to bad diet plans but most of the time it is due to not being mentally prepared for change.

Change and the human condition have never been the best of friends. Humans crave stability and comfort – two things that no diet will feel like it offers to begin with. Push past the initial phase of wanting to throw in the towel with some simple meditation exercises.

  • Meal Plan and Prep

Diets are all about discipline and endurance. Not eating chocolate for three days won’t make you drop a dress size, sadly – instead, focus on finding clever ways to adapt your current lifestyle to accommodate the version of you that you’re trying to be.

Meal planning and preparation are strongly associated with more successful dietary outcomes, increased weight loss, and improved health. Create meal plans every Sunday for the coming week, and prep where possible.

When following the keto diet, meal planning helps to stay disciplined and keep on track with your daily macros.

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