Where to Get American Sweets Online in The UK?

For lovers of American sweets, finding them in stores when you travel can be challenging. This means that you will either have to pack some when traveling or order from US stores and ship to your location. But this could be quite expensive, which can make you give up on the idea entirely.

However, finding made in American consumer goods should not be an issue for those in the UK. But what you should know is many British sweets could also catch your fancy. And if all you want is the real deal American sweets, you surely can expect to find them.

Shopping For Sweets Online


Most parents and food lovers recently found that shopping for groceries online could be easier than visiting the store. This is not to say that there aren’t perks of shopping in-store, as you get the chance to engage with others and sightseeing. Plus, if you are like me, who loves to window shop, you have a passion for checking out retail shops.

While you may not have a hard time shopping for clothes and accessories online, finding your favorite American sweet in the UK market may be more challenging. And if you have got a sweet tooth and attachment to a specific brand, you certainly will need to dig deep. But it doesn’t have to be hectic if you know where to find made-in US goods in the UK.

What’s Your Brand?

I can only expect that you have a particular brand you are interested in. And if you have been away from the US for a long while, it is understandable that you crave something America. In the case of sweets and confectioneries, many American brands have crossed into the British market.

Most people look for British varieties that have the same ingredients as their favourite brand. And while it is possible to find one that can meet all the requirements your need in your candy, it may not taste and feel like you are used to. You can check out some homemade candy recipes here that could help with your sugar cravings.

So when searching for your favourites cookies and candies, you want to see if your favourite American brand has a British counterpart. And for most of the industry names, you can expect they will have them in-store in various parts of the world.

What Are The Ingredients?

If you have a hard time finding the specific brand you want, you can research options that feature the same ingredients you are used to. This will mean checking through product descriptions across different categories online.

Sugar, fat, and milk contents are some of the things to check when buying sweets online, but other ingredients make your cookies and candies stand out.

While you don’t get the opportunity to taste the product until it is delivered to you, there are ways to find out if it is something you will be interested in.

Check the reviews from those who have bought the brand in the past and find out all they have to say. Was the taste great? And are there any allergies you want to look out for? You can find more on this link https://www.wikihow.com/Do-Your-Grocery-Shopping-Online about how to shop for groceries online.

Make A Price Comparison

You will likely have to spend more to buy your favourite sweets overseas, but you don’t have to pay more than necessary. An excellent way to go will be to compare prices across different online stores.

And you can be sure to find one that offers discounts or sell lower compared to others. But you should know that you will be buying in pounds rather than dollars, so you want to make sure that it falls in the range you are familiar with.

Where To Get American Sweets Online In The UK?

Okay, so it happened; you got the craving for your favourite candy weeks ago and can’t let another week pass by without trying to find it.

The truth is that there are many stores with made in American goods on their shelves in the UK, but the sad part is they may not have what you are interested in.

You don’t have to worry much as there are places where you can expect to find American sweets and the likes in the UK. Below are tips to help you with your search.

Try American Foods Stores

In the UK, you can expect to find foods and delicacies from all over the world. And many of the owners and chefs who run such establishments come in from overseas. So just as you can find Indian and Chinese restaurants for those who crave their homemade foods, you can expect to see those for American sweets.

So start by checking online for stores that deal in strictly American produce, and if you are unlucky to find what you need there. It is possible to mail them to see if they can help with stocking it. If it happens to be a famous brand that sells itself, you can expect they will be willing to get it for you.

Check Popular Retailers

Large online retail stores like Amazon could also be the go-to shop for your favourite American sweet. And with more than a hundred billion $$ in sales yearly, you can expect many of those to be in the food category. Apart from Amazon, there are many others in the UK, with an extensive list of cookies and candies for sale. And you might just be lucky to find your favourite available in stock.

Import from the States

Searched through the entire online stores in the UK? How about importing from overseas. And with most sales taking place online presently, it won’t be long before you get your order in the mail. But you want to be sure that you can import such products into the country. And if there are any duties to be paid, you also want to take note of it.

Final Note

Who says you can’t find your favourite American sweets in the UK? Well, they probably did not search carefully for it. And if you are not in a hurry, it is possible you could find it available in one of the retail stores here, or worst-case scenario, import it yourself.

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