What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

Learning what your habits voice to the rest of the world can help you learn more about yourself. It can be as simple as your favorite cup of coffee, as your daily java can help you and the people around you know more about you at a glance. While this doesn’t mean dooming your fate to the personality trait most associated with your favorite morning jitter juice, it can be a simple way to learn more about your general likes and dislikes.

Coffee can also help people connect, and learning more about what coffee says about those around you can make way for a really amazing conversation. Keep on reading to learn what your coffee says about you.

Black Coffee

Determined, focused, and driven are some words to describe those who go for a straight black coffee. Black coffee drinkers can be straightforward and stubborn at times, and prefer to steer away from a conflict or argument rather than jumping in head first. Some may also describe people drinking this cup of coffee as purists who can be moody and quiet, which can make them seem somewhat unapproachable.

Iced Coffee

Often a refreshing option for the hot summer months, those who prefer iced coffee might be the trendsetters and social butterflies of the group. Spontaneous and creative, those who love drinking this coffee enjoy making memories with their besties that involve lots of laughter and fun. There’s never a dull moment around, and iced coffee drinkers don’t fear trying something new, sometimes to the point of recklessness.


Espresso aficionados are often thought of as confident, hardworking, and organized. Busy is another word that comes to mind for many. Whether that’s busy in the professional realm, personal world, or even both, it doesn’t matter: Espresso drinkers are often caught on the go. These coffee drinkers enjoy the rich flavors that a nice cup of espresso has to offer and take a moment during their busy days to enjoy the aroma and flavor notes that pass on their tongues.

Some also think of these coffee connoisseurs as natural-born leaders who are very goal-driven in their lives. Sometimes they might take that a step too far and over-focus on their professional life and goals as their personal life falls by the wayside.


Perfection in a cup is the embodiment of a cappuccino, with its perfect balance of coffee, steamed milk, and milk foam, and those who drink this type of coffee embody that perfectionist attitude. Honesty and authenticity are two things that these coffee drinkers value, along with enjoying the finer things in life. Creativity and change get this coffee drinker going, which is evident in the many variations and flavors of cappuccinos to choose from, like caramel and hazelnut. On the flip side, these coffee lovers can be obsessive and sometimes overly sensitive.

Vietnamese Coffee

Indulging in the finer things and taking things at a slower pace are two things that many Vietnamese coffee lovers enjoy. Focused and determined, but not afraid to take a step back and enjoy the small things in life, these coffee enthusiasts value the rich bold flavors of this brew that’s lightened with sweetened condensed milk. To find out which Vietnamese coffee is best for you, try a specialized coffee personality quiz that can give you more insight into who you are and how to get your caffeine kick.

Flat White Coffee

Sophistication and single-minded determinedness are two traits often associated with those who prefer flat white coffee. Often a more acquired taste with its strong blends and mild milk sweetener, those who speak about their love for the flat white are more likely to be outspoken in general, making them perfect for voicing their opinions at work when the rest of the crowd is unwilling to speak up. This can sometimes come off as arrogance, so remembering this as you sip on your flat white can help you approach your day-to-day interactions with mindfulness.

A fresh cup of coffee in the morning is what gets you out of bed and ready to tackle the day. The type of coffee that you reach for in the morning or order at the coffee counter says more about you than you know. Want to change it up a bit and venture outside of your typical coffee ordering box? Try something new, like a rich Vietnamese coffee or a convenient ready-made coffee drink to see things from a different side of the menu.

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