Ways Your Wellness Brand Can Recover from Bad Publicity

So, your wellness brand is currently going through a negative spell in its life and you are receiving bad publicity. This could be stories in the press or negative comments spreading around social media. Either way, you know that the consequences are not going to be good for business.

There is something you need to realise. While this bad publicity can seem like the worse thing in the world right now, it does not have to continue like this. You do not have to give up and allow your business to go into oblivion. There are ways you can respond and recover when there is bad publicity. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to save your reputation.

Be Accountable and Address the Issue

There are two common things that business owners do when there is bad press surrounding their brand. They will either respond and make things worse by defending their business. They look to make excuses and cover what really happened. Alternatively, they will choose to ignore the problem, shut their eyes and hope that it goes away on its own. In other words, simply say nothing.

In most cases, these responses will not work the way you intended them to. In fact, in some circumstances, the best thing you can do is address the issue head-on. In particular, you want to be accountable and even offer an apology if the situation is right. Sometimes, this can fix an issue and show consumers you are going to put things right and listen to their concerns. Then, once you have been open and responded to the issue, you can make adjustments and move on.

Know When to Bring in Professionals

Sometimes, it can feel difficult to recover from a negative situation. You might be confused about why this has all happened and reached this point and not know where to go now with your business. First of all, you need to remember that this does not have to be the end of your brand. While it can feel like a disaster and you can feel lost, there are many ways you can recover and grow.

For example, it might be time to bring in professionals that know what to do about bad publicity. If this is your first time dealing with a bad situation, you can be overwhelmed and almost ready to call it a day. But PR specialists know the best steps to take. For instance, Ceres PR has many years of experience working with food and wellness brands. You can visit https://www.ceres-pr.co.uk/ to learn more about the team. Indeed, they know what can work when it comes to moving forward past bad publicity. This can allow your business to thrive again.

Make Sure You Learn the Lesson

It can seem like a nightmare when your wellness brand has received bad publicity. But, no matter what it is about, know that there is going to be a lesson in there for you. You have to try to frame this situation in a positive light. In other words, consider what has happened and know that this is part of a learning curve. You can learn and grow from this situation.

For example, perhaps this bad publicity will teach you a new way to move forward. You might realise that a certain technique or project was not right and you could have gone about it a different way. Indeed, learning this lesson now means you will know to do things differently with the next project. Therefore, make sure that you sit down and really process what has happened and what lessons you can take from the situation.

Communicate With Customers

A lot of the time, a bad situation gets worse when you do not communicate with your customers. Imagine that there is bad publicity and you are receiving a lot of negative comments from customers on your website, as well as on social media. If you simply ignore all this, customers can feel out of the loop and as if you do not care about them or what they have to say.

Thus, make time to communicate with customers. Reply to comments on social media and give an apology or explanation. Perhaps you can also help them in another way. Again, this is being held accountable for what has happened and you are looking to make amends. A lot of customers will appreciate the response and the fact that you are being proactive.

Commit to Being Better

If you want to continue with your wellness brand, you need to move on from bad publicity. While this sounds easier than it really is, it is still what you have to live by. In other words, accept what has happened and commit to being better. You should make a plan that allows your business to thrive in the future.


So, create a strategy that learns the lessons of the past and commits to never repeating what has happened. You can start campaigns that actively promote this to customers so that they also know this will not happen again.

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