Useful Tips When Choosing,Roasting And Serving Chicken/Turkey

1.Whether fresh or frozen,cook for well shaped plump birds that are blemish free with light even skin.Fresh birds should look moist,but not wet.Wetness can indicate that the bird has been partially frozen.Feed and breed can affect its colon and the flavour of the meat.Make sure the legs are pliable and the skin intact.Ask your butch for help with selection.

2.When roasting a whole bird,use a roasting tin thats slightly larger than the chicken/turkey.Place the the bird on a rack.Poultry has little fat so to make sure the meat stays moist during roasting,place fat on the skin before placing in the oven.Butter is an example that gives great flavour.

3.After roasting,hold the bird above the tin.Let juices run clean,notpink,it is fully cooked.If you choose to use stuffing,loosely stuff neck end.Stuffing the body cavity can prevent heat from penetrating the centre and is not recommended for large birds.Stuff the bird before you roast it,letting it come to room temperature to ensure even cooking.

Useful Tips When Choosing,Roasting And Serving Beef

1.Buy your beef from a reliable source.Quality beef is always worthwhile.If organic beef is your choice,you must be prepared to pay a little more.

2.An even marbeling of fat in the meat is an indication of high quality.Outer layer of fat should be creamy.Yellow fat can indicate that meat is past its best.Leaner cuts last longer than fatty cuts becuse fat goes rancid before meat.Look for deep red moist beef with a generous marbling of fat.

3.Roasting times varies depending on weight.When testing if the meat is cooked you can either use a skewer or a thermometer.Insert a skewer into the meat.If it comes out and feels cold,meat is not cooked.Insert the thermometer into the meat being careful not to touch bone as

Useful Tips When Choosing Lamb

There are a few different types

1.Milk-fed lamb is very pale in colour.

2.Meat from sheep less than a year old is called spring lamb and is slightly darker with a delicate flavour.

3.meat from sheep that is over two years old is called mutton and is much darker with a stronger flavour.

Irish lamb has a wonderful unique flavour and is highly sought after in many countries.

Meat should be firm with a velvety texture and generous marbling of fat.Avoid meat that appears dark or mushy.The pinker the fleshthe fresher the lamb.Fat should be an even layer of white,creamy,firmfat.Avoid yellow coloured fat.

Useful Tips When Choosing,Roasting And Serving Pork

1.Never selectpork that isdamp or oily looking.The fat should be firm and white.Avoid cuts with yellow fat.

2.All pork cuts are relatively tender,the meat must be cooked until the juices are no longer.Using a meat thermometer the joint should register an interval temperature of 80˚ to remove bacteria.Crackle is a big favourite with many people.Ask your butcher to score the skin for you before placing it in the oven.Pat the joint dry with a clean cloth then rub with oil and salt.

3.Pork is usually roasted until well done.All cooking times are approximate.Fruits are traditionally served with pork.Apple sauce is a classic.You could also something else such as cranberry sauce.

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