Shopping For Rocket Espresso Portafilter Machines

Why Do We Drink Coffee?

Close your eyes and imagine waking up in the morning, bathing, getting dressed, going to work and not having a cup of coffee before you complete any of those tasks. For many of us, that will be an impossible journey laden with sleepy moments, naps and dozing off in the middle of the day. This is because since the Industrial Revolution, we are accustomed to caffeinating ourselves to the hilt every morning. We are as addicted to caffeine as we are to sugar, which is why caffeinated cola beverages we enjoy with lunch have to be presaged by a delicious cup of java in the morning.

Coffee ( isn’t just to stay awake during working hours, some people chug a cup of java before they go party. For example, in Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil and other cultures that enjoy a pre-Lenten Carnival, java is a critical beverage that helps people stay awake to enjoy the music, dancing, costumes and other festivities. People even mix coffee with alcohol to make sure they get the full experience of the entire event, so caffeine is the life blood of many social events around the world.

Can you imagine completing an arduous task without the assistance of caffeine? Many people cannot, will not and truly will have no life experiences like that. When you are about to move from one location to another, people offer one another pizza, beer and coffee as payment in many parts of America. This neighborly tendency to help one another via coffee is fairly standard, and many people, before the advent of drive-through establishments that offer coffee, would ask their neighbors for a cup of brew just as they would ask for a lump of sugar if they ran out.

Coffee brings people together, and “going for coffee” is a synonym for “going out on a date” in many cultures. Lots of people find the environment of a tea shop less intimidating than say, a restaurant, a nightclub, a bar or any other location you might normally pursue someone romantically. In some cultures, someone may ask you to “go for a coffee” and you would not realize you have been asked out on a romantic date! You should double check to be sure, in case you show up underdressed to what you think is merely a regular afternoon chat!

Espresso Is Special

You must be asking yourself, what is so special about espresso? Why should I invest in a strong beverage like espresso, and why should I be concerned with purchasing a machine that would assist me in consuming espresso regularly? When espresso became popular in the United States in the late 1990s, many people were having their first cup at a java chain that was expanding across the world. The question is, did you fall in love with the beverage enough to invest in your own machine in your own home?

When you are searching for a perfect brew machine, you might consider a standard percolator, a Rocket Espresso Milano machine, a french press, or a machine that creates a perfect foamy cappuccino! There are so many lovely options available since the popularization of accessible java machines for the home. You can find many different styles that cater to several different budgets. It is important that you purchase a machine that you can clean and maintain due to its design and focus.

Espresso is a special beverage because it can pack a huge punch. It is important to remember that you are not brewing your regular cup of java. You are making a specialty caffeinated beverage, not unlike a cappuccino or a macchiato. You simply cannot procure a special beverage from a non-special machine. Therefore, the coffee maker you are accustomed to, the one your mother and grandmother may have used, are simply not going to be effective in making a special cup of joe like espresso, that requires steam power, finely ground beans and a very specific (and large) amount of pressure to produce the exact beverage you are looking for.

Buying The Right Machine

When you are buying a coffee making machine, it is important to think of how you will clean the machine so that you get the best tasting cup of java every time. You cannot do that if there are grounds stuck in the machine. Those grounds can get burned, and they will undoubtedly flavor the beverage you end up with in your cup. Some people enjoy the taste of burned java, but most of us would rather our beverage taste fresh and delicious!

You will need a machine that affixes the filter in a very specific place so that the pressure of the hot water going through the finely ground java beans will effectively produce a solid beverage. A strong cup of joe relies not just on the quality of the beans (though that is extremely important), it also relies heavily on the quality of the process used to make the coffee. You can learn more about coffee history if you click here. Simply put, if your beans are delicious but your machine is ineffective, you will not enjoy the cup you end up drinking.

Additionally, if your machine is effective but your beans are not delicious, it will not taste that great either! It is important that these processes work in tandem to make you a cup of java that goes with exactly what you are wanting to eat. Espresso pairs perfectly with many fine desserts, and it is important to invest in a machine that will produce a drink that will go well with what you consume. I think a slice of tiramisu and a cup of espresso pair together perfectly!

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