Most Men are Switching to the Wide-Brim Fedora Hats – The Essential Guide to Get it Correct

Hats have become an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Gone are the days when men used to wear a hat as a part of their customs or culture. Today, most men opt-in for the best quality and fashionable hats because they want to stay secure from the elements and appear stylish. And the online hatmakers today have plenty of options available for men.

So, have you got attracted to a wide-brim fedora? If yes, then you might be thinking about whether you would be able to wear it with style or not. Irrespective of the issue at hand, you know now that it’s time to move beyond the ordinary baseball cap and experiment with a new hat style. However, unlike the flat caps and the baseball hats, which can keep things simple and easy, you also have options for the short visors and other men’s hats that can help you sport a style that you like.

Not every man knows what to do when they have to wear a wide brim fedora hat. They might be aware of the style, yet it is essential to have a few guidelines that will enable them to sport the hat with adequate information and style.

The Fedora Hat Form

Similar to any accessory that has been there for a while, even the fedora hats have witnessed a few modifications over the past few years. However, certain signature features are still the same. For instance, it comes with a flat and flexible brim that is two to three inches apart and that can bend both downward and upward. It also comes with an indented crown that has a center crease and has pinches on either side.

The majority of the fedoras are made of wool felt. If you look at its origin, the fedoras get made using animal fur felt. However, today they appear in multiple materials such as canvas, synthetic blends, leather and straw. Today, you will still have access to the fur felt fedoras that might be a steeper option.

A Big Hat Can Be A Better Option

If you decide to opt-in for a wide brim hat, then it will usually measure three inches or more than that. And since this hat occupies more space on the head, you should ensure that it’s proportionate to your body frame and also the face shape. At times, the hat might have a comfortable fit, but still, it might not look correct. You need to choose a shape that will complement your body type and your facial features.

Style Blends With Function

The fedora hats for men are stylish headwear for all times. And it isn’t just a throwback to the bygone years when most men used to sport it every day, but it is also a style staple for today’s men who want to jazz up their attire and accessories. If you look at the celebrity world, you will find that eminent personalities like Rami Malek, Bruno Mars, and Johnny Depp have been wearing this hat variant frequently. You always have the option to dress down and up a fedora hat.

The majority of the fedoras are highly functional and mostly the ones that come with a wide brim. As opposed to the beanie caps, baseball hats, flat caps, and other narrow-brimmed toppers like the trilbies and pork pie hats, even the wide-brim fedora hats provide complete neck and face protection from the snow, rain, wind, and the sun.

The Wide-Brim Fedora Hats Made Of Wool Felt

Almost every style-conscious man will possess a wool fedora hat in colors like navy, black, gray, and brown. And usually, such neutral shades provide a solid foundation so that the wardrobe appears vibrant and there is something for every occasion. And when you take care of the fundamentals, you can experiment with the hat colors, patterns, and embellishments and see what looks good on you.

The Big-Scale Style

Just like any other fashion trend, even hat styles come and go! Things that are in vogue one year might change next year. However, when you look at the fedora, it is a timeless creation and will always be so. It is one of the versatile headpieces, and you can wear it for casual occasions as well as formal events. However, the wide-brim fedora hat for men also carries several practical purposes. It can keep you secured from harsh elements and add the required class and drama to your entire attire.

If you have never sported a more oversized hat style, you might take some time to get used to it. However, practice will always make you perfect at it. You must get in touch with the best hat maker online and choose the hat that suits your face and body frame and makes you look good.

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