How To Throw A Horror Party At Night?

Horror must be among the most thrilling themes for parties. But how to throw a horror party at night that all your guests never forget?

You should plan everything carefully, from invitation, decoration, music, to food. And the essential part is the games.

We will help you prepare for the big event from A to Z. Let’s join us and be ready to make your night spooky!

How To Throw A Horror Party At Night?

Throwing a party is not an easy task. Things get more complex if you go for the horror theme. Fortunately, the steps below can simplify your preparation.


You’ll want to define the vibe for your event right from the start, so send some horror-themed cards to your guests.

Sending out invitations about two weeks in advance is a great idea. If you’ve decided to tell your friends to dress up, they’ll have plenty of time to do so.

Ask your friends by a specified day, at least three days before the event, to know who will be there. That way, you can prepare your catering to fit the number of people.

You’ll save kitchen time as well. You won’t waste money on food that you will throw away.


Decoration plays a vital role in setting an event. There are some ideas you may want to try to impress your guests at first sight.

  • Entryway

Although you celebrate the event indoors, you can greet your guests from the entranceway. When they come, they won’t have to wonder if they’ve arrived at the correct address.

Jack-o’-lanterns, scarecrows, cobwebs, or a fog machine are some simple decorations you can try for the entryway.

  • Lighting

We all link Halloween to something gloomy, mysterious, and frightening. Your party atmosphere should be equally engaging.

Candles, strobe lights and campfire may give just the right amount of brightness to keep the night lively.

Keep in mind that zones with food and beverages should be brighter so that your friends can see what they take.

If you plan on doing stuff like pumpkin carving or hosting a fancy dress contest, make sure you set up standard lighting so that everyone can have fun while being safe.

Fog generators are also a fun accessory for creating ambiance to your space but do not overdo it.

  • Party decorations

If you’re serious about giving your guests a full experience, every detail makes a difference.

Your local thrift shop is a great place to look for party decorations. You can look to see if they sell any eye-catching items.

Candleholders, mirrors, and squeaky wooden furniture are just a few ideas for enhancing the ambiance in the room.

You cut down the cost of decoration by using D.I.Y items. This video gives some tips for hosting a budget party.

  1. Local stores have many decoration items for the night (Source)


A soundtrack to set the tone is crucial for any Halloween night. Legendary anthems like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” will be enough to bring the dead back to life.

This step is easy if you play music through streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora. You may add your favorite to the list as well.

These platforms have already suggested spooky playlists. All you have to do is link your smartphone to a loudspeaker to start your party.


Ask your guests to dress up as one famous character. As you expect, the atmosphere will be frightening and exciting.

There are a variety of amazing characters to pick from, including fantasy villains such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

They may also act as a bloodstained victim or a princess in danger. There are no limits on creativity.

  1. Famous characters will show up (Source)

Food and Drink

You can make some eyeballs by sticking black olives in the middle of mozzarella balls and creating really ugly, creepy food.

Cut the hot dogs in half to create jagged edges, then soak the edges in tomato sauce to simulate severed fingers.

You could make a dish of guts by boiling long pasta and covering it in a tomato sauce.

Also, bake cookies using horror-themed buttercream decorations or cakes with chopped silicone fingers protruding out of the frosting.

Think about serving red velvet muffins or bringing up the devil cakes for dessert.

Blood Crimson Sangria, Black Widows, or Jason’s Jell-o shots prepared with vodka and red jellies might be on the menu too.

These recipes would be pretty easy to make. You can dye them red so that they look much more creepy.

  1. Do not eat in a normal way (Source)


Games can help bring people together, so don’t overlook them. Give your friends a fun time by hosting their games. They will appreciate it for sure.

  • Frightening food

You are playing when serving the food. Aside from the ideas we have discussed, you can also develop exciting recipes that your guests will like.

  • Sticky face

“Sticky face” is a sloppy but entertaining game that both kids and adults will love.

Tie long ropes around doughnuts and hang the ropes from the roof to prepare this game.

The participants must sit or stand beneath the doughnuts and compete to eat them as fast as possible. The rule is no using hands.

This game is quite dirty. Yet, it’s fun and fascinating to both the players and watchers.

  • The spiderweb

You need many ropes in different colors for this game. Each participant or team has one rope of its own.

You have to prepare beforehand by distributing the rope around the playground. Remember to pass it around the tables and chairs and tangle it in floors and furniture.

Then, give each player one end of the colored rope. All players will untangle the web. The one who finishes the mission fastest is the winner.

  • Musical tombs

“Musical tombs” is a spooky version of the famous game “Musical chairs.”

Place a few chairs in a circle. The number of chairs must be one fewer than the number of players.

Then, creepily decorate the chairs by painting them black, drawing white crosses, or writing R.I.P on them. The chairs are tombs now.

The host plays the music, and the players walk around the chairs. When the music suddenly stops, all players have to find a tomb to sit on. The player without a seat will get eliminated.

  • Red Door, Yellow Door

“Red Door, Yellow Door, or “Black Door White Door” needs a leader who is awake to guide another who sleeps along a hallway of chambers with different colored doors.

The leader will start by asking the topic questions to get a description of the place.

The subject answers all questions honestly until the leader finishes the game.

However, there are some danger cautions and warnings, such as:

  • If you enter a room with clocks, leave it immediately.
  • It’s better to go up than go down.
  • If you see a lot of people, don’t talk to them. They may be evil and trick you.
  1. Have fun with game time (Source)


Now you can imagine how your party will take place. Please feel free to add your own ideas to make it more interesting.

Hopefully, the tips we have shared will help with your upcoming event. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post!

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