How To Attend A Whisky Festival

The whisky festival is around the corner. Things are going to be exciting. As a whisky lover, this is the time to get the most out of the party. Besides purchasing your tickets on time, it’s important to know the basic rules for attending these parties. Below you will find top tips for attending that long-awaited whisky festival.


How will you arrive home? The best way is to order a carb. Driving on your own can be dangerous Thus, it’s better to have a designated driver.

Record The Event

This is a lifetime opportunity. Thus, you should document it. Record the videos. You can also take photos with prominent people. You can have a friend take videos for you. Events such as the Campbeltown malts festival 2022 are so important to be forgotten. Record videos. 

Eat, Drink Well

Don’t go to a whisky party on an empty stomach. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. Drinking alcohol requires a full stomach. You need to hydrate your body from time to time. So, if you don’t want complications, prepare your body well.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Don’t drink too much. Take your whisky in moderation. Remember, you need to get back to work the following day. Too much whisky can affect your productivity the following day.

Chat With People

The best place to meet colleagues, like-minded guys, and business people is in the whisky shows. Thus, use this opportunity to talk to the guests. Know each other. Make friends.

Use this opportunity to garner a few basics from those bartenders and even producers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions Engage more. This might give you a lifetime opportunity.

Try New Things

It’s all about adventure. So, don’t be afraid to indulge in new things. Of course, you might have friends. However, it makes sense to go to a new stand and embrace new talks.

Try that metaphorical boat out. Remember, even the big-timers started from somewhere. So, this is the opportunity to discover new things about the Whisky world.


Besides tasting Whisky, you should also explore other stuff. Try new food stands. Embrace Whisky accessories. Learn the cocktail-making process. Also, don’t constrict yourself to that favorite whisky. Try new brands. Try biscuits. The bottom line is to have fun.

Spend A Few Coins

These shows harbor a lot of temptations. In particular, you might be tempted to take secret freebies as well as exclusive tasters. However, going overboard isn’t advisable.

Don’t Rush Things

People don’t like guests who only love free stuff. Embrace things that come to your stand. If it means spending a few dollars, do it. Move from one stand to another. Be willing to spend a few dollars to taste different types of brands. After all, you want to enjoy the moment.

The Bottom-Line

Whisky festivals are exciting. They allow you to enjoy and taste different brands of whiskies. However, before attending these festivals, it’s important to prepare early. Eat well. Understand the schedule. Dress nicely. Record the event. Use the above tips and tricks to attend a whisky festival in style.

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