Dishwasher Buying Guide: 14 Must-Have Features

Buying a new dishwasher is exciting! With so many advanced new features now available to both residential and commercial users, looking for just the perfect one for your unique needs can be so thrilling. To help you in your fun quest, we’d enlist fourteen of the most important dishwasher features that you should look for when shopping for your brand new kitchen best friend.

14 Must-Have Dishwasher Features

Feature #1: Fast Wash Feature

This feature is fabulous because it will allow you to save on energy and water bills. Dishwashers with a fast wash feature can quickly clean barely-dirty dishes in no time. Such a setting is highly efficient as less water and energy will be consumed given that users can skip on regular dishwashing with numerous cycles.

Feature #2: Self-cleaning Filter Feature

Having to clean and remove your dishwasher’s filter can be draining and time-consuming. This is why this feature is especially convenient. A dishwasher with a self-cleaning filter can clean and maintain itself. With one, you can say goodbye to manual filter cleaning forever!

Feature #3: Quick Clean Feature

It takes one and a half to four hours for regular dishwashers to finish one full cycle. This can be quite a hassle for users short of time and clean dishes. Dishwashers with a quick clean feature can finish one full cycle in just 30 minutes. Yes, you read it right. In just half an hour, advanced dishwashers can now deliver sparkling clean dishes. If you’re after dishwashers with this particular feature, you should check out Warewashing Solutions. Warewashing Solutions offers the best residential and commercial dishwashers in Australia.

Feature #4: Half-load Feature

This feature is significantly green and sustainable. Dishwashers with a half-load feature can adjust water usage depending on load. With one, you can have dishwashing cycles with smaller loads that require less water usage. You’d also get to save so much on your energy usage.

Feature #5: Extra-hot Sanitation

This powerful dishwasher feature is perfect for households with babies. A dishwasher with an extra-hot sanitation feature can easily kill germs and bacteria on all kinds of dishes. It can also easily clean and sanitize baby bottles. With one, households with babies won’t have to buy separate baby bottle sanitizers.

Feature #6: Sensor Technology

Good dishwashers now come with smart sensors. These sensors are so intelligent because they are programmed to know the right amount of water to use and the right amount of pressure to apply depending on the dishes undergoing cleaning. This is pretty nifty as users no longer need to customize wash cycles every single time. With smart sensors, dishwashers now know what to do without any help from users.

Feature #7: Fan-assisted Drying

This is a delicious feature that you should definitely look for if you love having dishes that are already bone-dry and ready for use. Dishwashers with this feature have doors that automatically open to let steam out during post-wash drying.

Feature #8: Lift-up Feature

Dishwashers with this feature are best for people who are not crazy over having to bend every single time loading and unloading needs to be done. A dishwasher with a lift-up feature has a bottom basket that smoothly slides out and automatically lifts for easy loading and unloading. Owners of dishwashers with this feature can efficiently avoid having strained backs from loading and unloading dishes.

Feature #9: Customizable Shelves

A dishwasher with customizable shelves can clean dishes of different shapes, sizes, and nature in one go. This is possible because dishwashers with customizable shelves have adjustable racks that can be modified in numerous ways to make room for different stuff like baking sheets, stemmed wine glasses, and pots.

Feature #10: Pull-out Feature

This feature allows for advanced organizing. A dishwasher with a pull-out feature has a specialized cutlery tray that can neatly organize spoons, forks, and knives. You won’t have to feel overwhelmed when looking for cutlery in different spaces as all will be neatly placed in the specialized cutlery tray. This is particularly beneficial to people with extensive silverware collections.

Feature #11: Glassware Feature

Dishwashers now come with specialized glassware features. This feature allows dishwasher owners to enjoy sparkling Champagne flutes every single time. Dishwashers with glassware features have advanced mechanisms for the solid cleaning of glassware by removing all forms of streaks and clouds.

Feature #12: Garbage Disposal Feature

This feature is a great time-saver. Dishwashers with a built-in garbage disposal are equipped to remove tiny food particles that can block your filter and ruin your unit. This feature also removes the need for dishwasher owners to manually remove food particles. This feature will allow you to easily load dishes without doing pre-cleaning. With this function, gone are the days where you’d have to dedicate time to removing food particles from your dishes before loading.

Feature #13: Bottle-cleaning Feature

Households with babies will greatly benefit from this feature. This feature is highly specialized as it now allows dishwashers to clean the insides of bottles, vases, and any cylindrical objects. A dishwasher with this feature that comes with advanced temperature settings for intense sanitation is perfect for households with babies. People who enjoy juicing will also greatly benefit from this convenient feature.

Feature #14: Anti-flood Feature

This smart new feature in dishwashers effectively prevents flooding in your kitchen. This is possible because dishwashers with this feature are programmed to stop water flow if the tap is leaking. This is ultra-convenient given that dishwasher owners no longer have to be extra cautious when it comes to checking and assessing water flow.

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