Amazing Dinner Ideas & Table Setting Tips for a Romantic Night In

Nothing is as exciting as being invited for a dinner date, let alone a romantic night. As much as it is exciting for you as a guest, it can be stressful for the one organizing the romantic night. There are tons of ideas that one can choose from to put together an amazing night for their guest. 

As much as it can be stressful putting together a romantic night, it’s also an exciting time to spend some time with someone you love. With so many ideas, you’re probably wondering where to start preparing. 

In this article, we’ll work on helping you relax by narrowing down the ideas to something you can use quickly. The last thing you need to do is go through tons of information that’ll take a long time to complete. 

What to Do Before the Romantic Dinner?

The obvious thing would be to ensure your guest knows about the romantic experience they’re about to receive. You want to send out an invite to your dinner guest and ensure they’ve accepted. Imagine planning an entire night to discover your guest can’t make it. 

You’d probably want to make sure they see how romantic you are from the invitation you’ll send to them. How about sending a  bouquet of roses? Is there anything more romantic? With a florist that can do a flower delivery to Los Angeles, you want to ensure that your guest gets their invitation in style. 

You also have to think about what you want to do on the night in question. Will you be going to a restaurant, a hotel, or having dinner at home? Also, ensure you know your budget and don’t do anything that’s out of reach for you and then have to pay through your teeth. Imagine struggling to pay a debt you created because of one dinner date. 

You should also be thinking about the setup. Do you want a black and red look, a red and white setup, or do you want to combine multiple colors? We suggest using red in your color scheme because this is the color of love, romance, and passion.

Dinner Ideas

Regarding dinner ideas, there are many great ideas, but we suggest you keep them simple and don’t go for complicated recipes. Decide whether you’ll make dinner yourself or go to a restaurant. If you make it yourself, the dinner venue will likely be at home. 


  • Decide on the Menu


We’re assuming you’ve heard what your date likes to eat. If you’re eating at home, decide whether you’ll cook with your guest, cook alone for your guest, or order out. If you’re going to a restaurant, then we suggest you let your guest pick their dinner from the menu. You don’t want to pay for something your guest didn’t even eat. 


  • Go for Something Simple 


If you’re making dinner, then remember simplicity is key. Most people consider a romantic dinner as one with Italian or Mediterranean cuisine. Typically a Mediterranean dinner is very light and can be paired with a glass of red wine. That could be the reason why it’s considered a romantic dinner. 


  • Go for Romantic Dessert Ideas


Create a dessert to die for. Everybody loves some good dessert after a beautiful dinner. Go the extra mile to make it extra special. Go for a souffle. Consider having strawberries or peaches and cream. Go for something with chocolate. Everybody loves a good dessert, especially one with some chocolate. 

Table Setting Tips

Remember, when you set up the table, you want to ensure it sends the right message to your guest.  You want to ensure you have the right hues and tones. We suggest going for gold, black, white, and red. 


  • Use Some Classic Accessories 


Choose the perfect table runner, placemats, napkins, candles, cutlery, plates, and table cloth. Make sure you set up with the perfect colors. Remember to place a vase of flowers in the middle of the table. You could also opt to use some rose petals instead of a vase. 


  • Consider the Venue 


When adding some accessories, also think about the venue. If you’ll be by the poolside or rooftop, then the last thing you want is your setup blowing away with the wind. 

You could use some props that’ll fit well with a pool. Consider floating some candles on the water. You can also consider creating an exotic-themed dinner served with cocktails by the poolside on some lovely blankets and pillows. 

Other Things to Consider

We have spoken about the setup for the table and the dinner best to serve, but there are still more things to consider if you’ll be having a romantic night with someone special. 


  • Create an Experience


You want to create an experience they’ll never forget. If you think your guest might be dressed in the wrong outfit for the night, consider getting them an outfit to fit the occasion. You don’t want your guest sitting uncomfortably in formal attire by the poolside. 


  • Set the Mood


When planning your romantic night with your significant other, we suggest adding some music to set the mood. Nothing sets the mood more than creating a romantic atmosphere with some great romantic tracks to accompany your dinner.


  • Make Your Guest Believe You’re in Control


A first date can be nerve-wracking. If you let your nerves get out of control, then you could ruin the night. You want your guest to be comfortable knowing you have the perfect night planned for them. 


Putting together a dinner can seem like the hardest thing ever. We recommend that you keep it simple, do something you know you’re good at, and avoid trying something new, especially if this is your first date. If you follow this guide, you’re set for more future dates.

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