5 Equipment Essentials For Summer Baking

Summer is a time for sharing your cooking and baking with friends and family. The season of garden party’s and bbq’s is fast approaching us; so be prepared for hosting guests with dishes that are sure to get the whole crowd smiling. 

Classic recipes for summertime baking include light fruit filled sponge cakes, cheesecakes and citrus tarts. These are time-tested recipes which have always proved to be crowd pleasers in those hot months. 

In the kitchen, baking equipment is always built to last and is designed with heavy usage in mind. The right equipment is essential in mastering these summery sweet treats ; so below is a list, comprising 5 of the summer baking essentials for 2022. This features some of the most basic, yet essential equipment as well as some of the extra bits of kit to make your summer bakes stand out. 

You may be baking with the kids this summer, or hosting a garden party for friends. Either way, you need to ensure that you’ve got the following items in your baking cupboard. Read on to find out what the equipment you need to showcase your skills in the kitchen this summer.

1. Cake dividers

With a cake divider, no longer will you have to precariously slice a crumbly cake in the hopes that it will make it onto the plate.

Instead, purchase a cake divider. This small device will divide up your sweet treat into equal portions. This tool is perfect for summer parties, leaving no guest feeling cheated with a smaller slice of cake! 

Typically, the cake divider frame is constructed from plastic, making for a simple clean up of your equipment. The type of plastic used varies, but is usually made durably so that your cake divider can withstand its usage.

You can purchase cake dividers in a number of different sizes. The sizing is measured by how many slices you want your cake to be divided into. You can get cake dividers as small as 5 slices and as big as 18 slices! So, no matter how big your crowd is, you can divide your cake up easily and mess-free.

No-one will have to have the collapsed piece of cake again with a cake divider, making the portioning of your sweet treat, as breezy as a summer’s day. 

2. Sandwich tins

Sandwich tins are an essential to any baker’s kitchen. They are perhaps the most versatile piece of bakeware on the market, which makes it important to select the right one. 

Sandwich tins can be found in just about every kitchen. Both industrial and domestic kitchens regularly use sandwich tins for a number of different sweet treats. They can be used in making layer cakes, cheesecakes and other recipes.

For summer, it’s all about layer cakes filled with fresh fruit and cream. The light texture of the sponge contrasted with the fresh taste of summer berries makes for a delicious dessert at any summer party or BBQ. Layer cakes are always popular when made correctly; with a light fluffy victoria sponge cake and the right layers to compliment it. 

Many bakers prefer to use a set of sandwich tins for their cakes as it is proven to cook the cake much quicker than using one, deeper tin. This can also help to ensure that your cake is cooked all the way through, and not just on its surface.

For this recipe you will need good quality sandwich tins to help your cake maintain its shape, as well as causing it to not stick to the pan.  Typically, the best sandwich tins for bakers are made out of aluminised steel, a high quality metal that is built to last, whether baking triumph or disaster!

3. Traybake tins

If you’re looking for a simple recipe to keep the kids entertained this summer, a traybake is what you’re after! Made usually with one bowl, there are a host of different traybake recipes to suit anyone, even the fussiest of people.

Traybakes are one of the most simple sweet recipes to make. They regularly consist of mixing ingredients together and subsequently pouring the mixture into a traybake tin. That is all there is to it!

Their no-fuss nature makes them a great option for a hot summer’s day when you fancy doing some baking but don’t want to be slaving over a hot oven to do so. Because of their rectangular shape, they are also super easy to divide up and share with a crowd, so everyone can grab a slice!

Of course, it all begins with having the right equipment for the task. By purchasing a quality traybake tin, you can bake with confidence knowing that the traybake will retain its shape in the oven as well as not sticking to the tin. 

4. Display equipment

Whether you’re hosting your own party or contributing to a bake sale, you want your bakes to look their best!

This is why purchasing good quality display equipment is integral to your summer baking. After you’ve spent time producing your confections, you want them to look the part as well. 

Part of an appealing item of food is the way it’s presented, and with the bright, colourful recipes that are trending this summer, you want your bakes to stand out. 

Since the pandemic, 38% of people have agreed that brighter, more vibrant baked goods are more visually appealing to them. This is believed to have increased due to the time western europeans have spent on the internet during the pandemic. Social media trends have played a huge role in this increase in colour appeal, with apps like Instagram and TikTok showcasing only the most eye-catching recipes. 

This is why display equipment is more important than ever, to make your bakes stand out above the rest.

5. Cake leveller

It is always a good idea to start off on a level surface, and cake decorating is no different. Some of the summer’s most popular recipes require a flat surface to begin the construction of your cake design. Having a level surface on top of your cake will make the decoration process a whole lot easier.

Decorating your cake can be an intricate process; so make it easier for yourself by levelling the cake first. 

Whether you’re just adding a simple crumb coat of icing, or going for a full Great British Bake Off presentation,  cake levellers are the way to start. The popular confectioners harp cake leveller will produce the optimum base for cake decoration. 

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