You may already have heard about deep-freezing fruit and the IQF method, but today, we are going to explain a little more about what the IQF deep-freezing method consists of and why IQF frozen fruit such as papaya can be even better than fresh fruit.

If you are involved in food and beverage and are producing your own food or beverage items, it pays to know more about this method and whether it’s better for you to choose deep-frozen fruit or fresh fruit for your offerings. Here’s what you should know.

How Are Fruits Frozen?

The IQF method involves putting fruit individually on a conveyor belt and giving it a cold blow that freezes the fruit quickly and immediately, from the core out.

IQF fruits are collected in their optimal state of ripeness and deep-frozen afterwards so that the fruit preserves its shape. The IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) process allows you to preserve the properties and nutrients of the fruit without added preservatives or chemicals, as confirmed by notable fruit juice suppliers UK like E.E. & Brian Smith.

  • Vitamin content – Deep-frozen fruit retains vitamins longer thanks to rapid freezing technology. In most cases, deep-frozen fruit has a higher nutritional value than fresh fruit found in stores and has been artificially matured whilst being stored and transported to the store.
  • Hygiene – Working in extremely cold temperatures eliminates the risk of dangerous micro-organisms forming and miltiplying in the process. Also, it has an expiration period of 24 months.

Thanks to the advantages offered by this quick freezing process, your customers can enjoy fruits and vegetables, and you can produce higher quality products that your customers will love.

More On Papaya: A Fruit Full Of False Myths

Fruit is healthy for the body, we all know this and it is, therefore, necessary that we include it in our diet.

Papaya is a tropical fruit that we have surely heard a lot about. There are many myths about this fruit, such as that it burns fat or that it is excessively bad for the intestine. And this is one reason why it’s best to clarify what this fruit can really do for us.

We all know it can be consumed as a smoothie, juice, or raw. It can be consumed at any time of the day, but it is always recommended on an empty stomach for its properties. What are its properties? Let’s find out.

  • High papain content: an enzyme contained in this fruit known as papain. This component is similar to pepsin, making it beneficial for the digestive system. Its consumption can improve digestion and help avoid problems such as gastritis, gases, and poor digestion. It is ideal to consume when making large meals or to help better digest meat.
  • High nutritional value: from a nutritional point of view, papaya is a very important fruit, and it contains a high amount of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, such as vitamin C. It also has a high content of beta-carotene, essential for the body’s soft tissue.

If we stop to think, there are plenty of benefits associated with this fruit, and whether you run a juice business or restaurant or other food outlet, you should consider including papaya on your menu.

But it must be said that other fruits are similarly endowed with high nutrition content and vitamins, and even if you go for deep-frozen fruit, the fruit’s value will be retained.

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