Quartz Countertops: Are They Worth to Have?

Quartz is one of the most sought-after choices among homeowners due to its exceptional durability and wide variety of color options. It is a manufactured stone with incredible qualities that make it popular and desirable. Quartz countertops shine as they combine functionality with beauty and elegance. 

Understanding Quartz 

Quartz is considered a manufactured stone because it comprises partly natural and partly engineered materials. The natural part consists of the natural stone quartzite.

Quartzite is an inherently durable and beautiful stone. However, similar to all other natural stones, it has the downside of having a porous structure. This means that quartzite is extremely susceptible to cosmetic issues, such as stains in its raw state. More importantly, the porous nature of it can cause hygiene-related issues such as bacteria and mold. 

To combat such issues and to ensure the stone cannot be compromised by outside factors such as dirt or food spills, the engineered part of quartz is introduced to the mix. The engineered parts include resins, binders, and pigments. To mix all of these ingredients, the quartzite pieces are broken into smaller pieces or sometimes even into quartzite sand.

Afterward, the resin mixture is added to the quartzite. Then, the mixture is cured in a mold that matches the desired shape. The curing process hardens the resins and binders, thus creating an incredibly hard and strong countertop material. 

What Are The Most Essential Advantages of Quartz Countertops? 

Wide variety of color and design options: As quartz is mixed with pigments during the creation process, it has a wide variety of color and pattern options that aren’t bound by the limitations found in nature. You can find quartz slabs with bright and vibrant colors that aren’t available in natural stones. 

Maintenance-free: The resins that are mixed into the stone make it non-porous. In other words, contrary to natural stones that would need to be sealed before use and regularly resealed after, quartz countertops don’t need to be sealed. In a sense, they come already sealed.

This quality makes them one of the most low-maintenance options. 

Appearance: Quartzite is known as one of the most beautiful stones there is. Moreover, it is known for its similar appearance to marble. When mixed with resins, this gorgeous quartzite will give a glossy finish and pigments that will enhance its natural hues. 

Sturdiness: Quartzite is already a very strong and hard stone on its own. When strengthening materials are added to it, its durability is multiplied. Quartz countertops are extremely durable against scratches and cracks. They are a long-lasting option; they can withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy kitchen without a problem. 

Stain resistant: Its stain resistance ability makes it an even more durable option. The engineered materials that are mixed into the quartz create a barrier between the natural parts of the mixture and the outside factors.

This way, any food spill, drink spill, dirt, debris, or anything similar won’t be able to cause unwanted blemishes or structural changes. 

Increased Home Value: Buyers on the real estate market are looking for houses in which they won’t have to do any construction work or alterations. Kitchen renovations are notoriously one of the most intimidating to shoulder.

Therefore, having a house with already renovated countertops will ensure that all viewers will fall in love with it if you ever decide to resell your home. Moreover, having quartz countertops that are known for their functionality and beauty is a huge perk. 

What You Should Consider Before Making the Commitment? 

Although quartz has so many amazing benefits, it also has some shortcomings. One of the things to consider is that quartz isn’t heat resistant.

Although the natural stone within the quartz slabs is heat-resistant, the mixed additives are not. Therefore, if you were to place hot pots and pans on the countertops, it can likely leave a scorch mark behind. This is a quality that some might find unimportant, but it can also be a dealbreaker. 

Another aspect of quartz countertops that requires some consideration is its price.

Remodeling your countertops is going to be a costly project. When considering the cost, you should count on more than just the materials. Depending on your preferences, the installation cost, different edge profiles, and other customizations will add to the price. 

The Best Ways to Combine Quartz Countertops 

The versatile beauty of quartz countertops allows them to be easily combined with many different interior decoration styles and aesthetics. Different finishes, such as glossy or matte, colors, patterns, and overall style will significantly impact your kitchen’s appearance. 

One of the most popular choices is options such as beige, cream, and white quartz countertops. These tones bring light and air to the space while making the room appear bigger and more open.

Combined with cabinetry that has similarly light and neutral tones, it will create a kitchen design that enchants its simplistic charm. 

If you want to create more contrast, you can combine your quartz countertops with dark-colored cabinets. This way, the eye follows the flow of the colors, thus creating visual interest and a chic focal point in the room. Sophisticated mahogany is a popular choice for creating a cozy and opulent atmosphere. 

One of the biggest advantages of quit countertops is the range of colors. You can opt for bright blues, reds, pinks, greens, and every color you can imagine. The dense base is embellished with patterns that range from classic veins to whimsical splatters. You can express your personality in your house with your countertops. 

In short, to answer whether quartz countertops are worth having or not, the answer is a definite yes. They have impressed homeowners and interior decorators for decades due to their immense strength, elegant appearance, versatility, and functionality. The amazing qualities quartz possesses make it not only worth having but also a smart investment. It creates a kitchen where you can prepare nourishing meals for those you love, make memories with family and friends, and turn every second you spend in your kitchen into joy. 

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