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Best Yogurt Makers in 2020: Our Top 5 Picks



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Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling

 Best Multi Serving

  • Makes Seven 6-ounce Glass Jars at once (Jars included)
  • Digital Timer with Automatic Shut-Off
  • BPA Free – 3 Year Warranty

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

Best Large Capacity

  • Large 50-ounce yogurt container (No jars required)
  • Has Timer and Built-in cooling system
  • BPA Free – 3 Year Warranty

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

Best Budget

  • Makes Seven 6-ounce Glass Jars at once (Jars included)
  • Does not automatically turn off when finished
  • BPA Free – 3 Year Warranty

Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

  • Huge 64-ounce yogurt container (No jars required)
  • Does not have a timer or temperature control
  • BPA Free – 3 Year Warranty

Proctor Silex Yogurt Maker

  • Smaller 32-ounce yogurt container (No jars required)
  • Has timer, but doesn’t cool or shut off automatically
  • No warranty period is listed

The best yogurt maker should be simple to use as well as inexpensive. It takes less time in the overall process of making yogurt. A short time is needed for the preparation. It takes about a few hours to mature for the cultures.

Like cheese, culture is also needed by yogurts. You can choose your yogurt maker between the different models that are available in the market.

There are also many electric yogurt makers available in the market. The best one is the most trusted, affordable and reliable device on the market.

Make sure to choose a package with live bacteria from the appliance shop, when shopping for the best device in yogurt making.

As a bacterium weakens over time, so check if the yogurt produced does not end up unhealthy. Some people choose ovens and pick a cheap yogurt maker. You should explore and check what you are going to buy before finalizing any decision.

Selecting an oven is a good option but it will surely cost you more in the future because of the amount of electricity being used to heat the oven. Because of this, it is recommended to buy the yogurt maker.

It is more efficient than the ovens in terms of consumption of energy. Read the best yogurt maker reviews listed below to take the right decision in choosing the Yogurt Maker.

1- Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling

An endless variety of flavours can be created by the yogurt lovers. The 1- 1/2 literbatch makes enough of delicious snacks and meals.

Every health conscious consumer wants to eat right food. Along with calcium and protein, yogurt also contains great source of probiotics or good bacteria that are helpful for a healthy digestive system.

You only have to mix together all the ingredients and pour into the yogurt maker. The yogurt maker will do rest of the work and you will love to eat the ready chilled results.

Benefits of the product

  • Large Capacity – The 50-ounce yogurt container makes more than six 8-ounces serving of yogurt at a time.
  • Automatic Cooling Mode – When the processing cycle is done, the unit switches to cooling mode. Temperature is maintained until you turn off the unit.
  • Perfect Results Automatically – Just add active cultures, flavours of your choice and soymilk or milk. Press START after selecting the time and then the CYM-100 will do all the work.
  • Simple Operation – You can stop and start your yogurt making at the touch of a single button. The LED display counts down processing time and clearly displays the time.It becomes easy to set the recommended processing time due to the time control for the recipe you are using.
  • Stainless Steel Styling – Elegant, streamlined and sleek enough to leave right on the counter.

2. Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker

You do not have to worry about making a mistake while preparing a homemade yogurt.

Simply set the digital count down timer after pouring your prepared yogurt mixture into the jars and wake up the next morning with delicious yogurt that will complete your breakfast or lunch.

  • There are seven different jars for making different flavours and a dial is featured by their lids to let you set the date.
  • It makes 42 ounces in 6-10 hours.
  • It consists of 15-hour countdown timer.
  • It also consists of seven 6-ounces jars with dateable lids.
  • It is a very lightweight yogurt maker as it weighs only 5.95 pounds.
  • The dimensions of this product are12 inches X 12 inches X 8 inches.

What Else You Will Need To Make A Great Yougurt

Here is a list of some of the products listed below which are worth to be bought with yogurt maker.

They are as follows:

Euro-Cuisine R11020 Yogurt Starter

  • Euro-Cuisine Yogurt Starter is a product of Canada.
  • It is a natural yogurt starter for making delicious yogurt.
  • Five to ten gram pouches are contained in each box. Ingredients used in this product are sucrose, lactic bacteria, ascorbic acid, skim milk powder (L.Bulearicus, L.Acidophilus, S.Thermophilus).
  • Dimensions of this yogurt starter are 12 inches×10 iches×3 inches.
  • Shipping weight of this product is only 3.2 ounces.

Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter, 1 Ounce Box (Pack of 3)

  • This Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter is scientifically balanced and meticulously manufactured in order to make sure that you make creamy, smooth, great tasting and delicious yogurt every time.
  • You can make homemade yogurt with the help of any yogurt maker, but it will prepare delicious yogurt when used with the Yogourmet Multi Yogurt Maker.
  • The shipping weight of this product is only 7.2 ounces.

Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker

  • Three cups of yogurt can be converted into 1 cup of yogurt cheese in about 24 hours with the help of this product.
  • Yogurt cheese is a low fat alternative to sour cream, cream cheese or mayonnaise.
  • This unit consists of stainless steel fine-mesh strainer and plastic container.
  • In order to prevent odour transfer, dishwasher-safe container seals the original odour of yogurt.

Euro Cuisine GY1920 Glass Jars for Yogurt Maker, Set of 8

  • The dimensions of this product are 2.5 inches×3.2 inches×3 inches.
  • Its shipping weight is only 3.17 pounds.
  • These glass jars are freezer safe spill-proof. Euro Cuisine GY1920 is a set of 8 glass jars.
  • This product is brand new and it is officially licensed.
  • These glass jars are manufactured in China.
  • Each glass has the capacity of 6oz.
  • All the lids are BPA-free with date settings.

Thus, when you are ready to buy a yogurt maker, some factors should be considered by you. Firstly, check the capacity of the maker. Next things to consider are the type, cost, timer and most importantly your requirements.

Choose a yogurt maker that fulfils all the requirements in order to make your experience of yogurt making memorable.

Preparing Yogurt With Yogurt Makers

Yogurt is a cultured milk product. It is thickened and soured by the action of some bacteria cultures that produce lactic acid when added to milk. Cultures that produce lactic acid coagulate the milk protein, add characteristic sour flavour and make the milk thick.

Yogurt can surely be found on healthy food lists. It is an excellent source of potassium, protein and calcium. It is considered as one of the highly nutritious foods and is relatively low in calories and numerous minerals and vitamins are provided by it. It is observed that one serving of yogurt is about one 8-ounce container.

Preparing yogurt is not at all difficult. It can easily be prepared by following certain steps. Here is a list given below of everything you must know about the process of yogurt making.

Step 1: Clean the tools

Before starting the process, you should clean your utensils, tools, containers and work surfaces, so that no rogue bacteria can react with the good variety in the yogurt culture.

While preparing yogurt at home, all of the containers and equipments should be boiled in order to sterilize them. But if you wash the containers through the dishwater or by hand carefully and dry them afterwards, then also all the rogue bacteria can be removed.

Step 2: Heat the Milk

Yogurt can be prepared from room-temperature milk. But for the most consistent and best results, it is recommended by most experts to first heat the milk to at least 180°F or the boiling point.

In order to provide room to the milk to crawl up the sides a bit, a deep and large pot should be used when boiling the milk on the stove. If the milk has a tendency to boil up and can scorch, keep a close eye on the pot and if necessary, lower the flame of the stove.

A microwave-safe bowl should be used when boiling the milk in microwave. It is large enough to allow the milk to bubble. For easy pouring, use a spout and a large glass measuring cup. Check the temperature frequently and heat the milk in short increments, after a few batches you will get to know what time your microwave needs.

Step 3: Cool It Back Down

In order to monitor temperature of the milk, use a thermometer. Use an ice bath and submerge the pot of milk in a large sink or bowl filled with ice in order to speed the process. To help the milk to cool down, occasional stirring is required.

Step 4: Add the Starter Culture

It is the time to add starter, once the temperature of milk falls down in the optimal incubation range of 110°F to 115°F. Simply whisk in the amount mentioned on the packaging, if you are using powdered starter.

The temperature of the milk can be dropped too much by adding cold starter yogurt directly to the milk, impeding the incubation process, whereas some experts have succeeded without this step.

Step 5: Incubate

It allows the good bacteria to flourish. It is called the stage of incubation and it can be accomplished with any DIY incubators or a yogurt machine.

And it is to be noted that putting the mixture from a pot to a small jar can be a messy job. A ladle with a spout can be handy here.

The incubation temperature, number of active cultures in your starter and flavours are the number of factors on which the time of incubation of yogurt depends.

For faster incubation, high temperature is needed, but your cultures will die if you take it too high. Starters can vary from one batch to another. Thinner and sweeter yogurts are created by cooler and shorter incubation periods.

And thicker, tarter yogurts are made by hotter and longer incubation period.

As mentioned above, do not jostle or move the mixture, during incubation. Do not touch it and stick it in a warm place. Do not do anything more drastic than sneaking a cautious peek during the period of incubation.

The matrix that casein in milk makes around whey proves that the yogurt is very fragile. This means that transferring, jostling and shaking from one vessel to another are all going to prevent the yogurt from setting up properly.

Step 6: Check for Doneness

It is recommended to start tasting the mixture hourly after the first 4 or 5 hours. As it matures, the yogurt will become a bit more acidic in nature. So, the yogurt should be stopped from incubating just before it reaches the level of acidity you like.

Yogurt can also be judged fairly well by appearance, if you do not want to taste the warm yogurt. But if the mixture is still milk, leave it for a longer period of time.

Non-professionals especially those who tend to incubate a mixture just before going to sleep can be a bit more casual. For example, it is absolutely fine to just leave the mixture in the yogurt maker at room temperature for longer period. Likewise, if you are incubating in another vessel or a thermos that loses heat gradually with the drop of temperature, the process of incubation will become slow.

Step 7: Store the Yogurt

Be sure to transfer the mixture to a non-insulated container before putting it in the refrigerator so the temperature will drop, if you are incubating in an insulated container or thermos.

Spoon the mixture into one or more lidded plastic, glass or ceramic containers. If you keep the yogurt for about two weeks, the flavour will be best for some days and then it will get sour-tasting with each passing day.

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