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Heads up, coffee lovers! Today we celebrate being in the era of machines and convenience. Yes, you read that right. Gone are the days for manually grinding and brewing coffee beans to enjoy a few cups.

Just like all the other household chores, preparing your good old espresso is now as easy as one click. And although we want to preserve traditions, sometimes we just prefer convenience more.

I’m pretty sure you have been using a decent coffee maker in your kitchen for years. However, have you heard of one that grinds and brews at the same time? If not, you have come to the right place.

If this is your first time hearing about this technology, well then you are in for a treat. Shopping for the best grind and Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew can be tricky, but this guide sure helps.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew

First of all, know the purpose of your purchasing this kind of coffee grinder. Do you care about which coffee beans are best? Or nothing matters as long as you have coffee? If it is the latter, then this may not be right for you.

The real reason for choosing a grind and brew maker is because the coffee lover wants their coffee super fresh. When you grind your beans, you make sure it starts raw and comes out flavorful.

What else do you need to take note of? Here are a few tips for coffee grinder for cold brew.

  • Know the types of coffee grinders.

There are two: burr grinders and wheel grinders. The biggest difference between the two is the cut they make on the beans.

The burr grinder usually cuts with the consistency more than that of the wheel grinder. Also, the flavor of the beans is said to be maintained throughout the process in burr grinders.

  • Choose the perfect thermal carafe.

If you are a real coffee lover, you would know the difference between an open pot and a carafe. Always be mindful and choose the coffeemaker with a thermal-type carafe. This will keep your coffee hot for hours.

  • Choose the unit with a timer and an auto shut-off technology.

The reason for this primarily is so that you can leave the machine grind and brew on its own.

You just need to set the timer according to your preference and then you can get to work. Likewise, you would want a unit that automatically shuts off after brewing. This way, you will not have to worry forgetting that you were making coffee.

These are just a few helpful tips but choosing the best bet is still up to you. To limit your choices, though, here is my top five list (in no particular order).

Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew Reviews

1. Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

This metal brushed coffee maker with a built-in grinder is programmed to brew up to 12 cups of coffee. It has an auto shut-off technology that can be adjustable from zero to four hours.

Furthermore, it has settings and options that you can adjust according to your coffee preferences. The unit comes with a scoop and a manual.


  • This automatic coffee maker is easy to operate. You can just put in your beans and water, turn it on and then leave it to brew.
  • It comes with two different types of filters—charcoal water and gold tone. These filters allow the flow of a more flavorful coffee.
  • You can pause the brewing if you need to do something else all of a sudden. There is a button for this action.
  • The carafe is easy to wash and clean. You can just pat it dry after washing it with soap and water.
  • The entire unit is Bisphenol-A free so no need to worry about chemical poisoning.
  • The unit’s coffee decanter is double-lined. This is very advantageous if there are many people to drink.
  • After finishing the first batch of brew, you can pour in more water and make a second batch. The second batch still tastes as good as the first because the flavor is still intact.


  • The brewing and the grinding sounds may be too loud. This might bother you especially when you are trying to relax in the morning.
  • The unit has only a limited warranty. This means that if you want to return the unit, you will be charged extra. Moreover, you will be charged another extra on top of the first so they could ship the replacement back.

2. Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Makers 4 Cup with Grinder Machines

This automatic best coffee grinder for cold brew with a built-in grinder has a brewing capacity of up to four cups or 20 ounces.

It has an automatic non-removable coffee filter inside as well. The chamber for the beans, the cover, and the basket are all removable and washable. It works well for both pre-ground and whole coffee beans.


  • You can brew coffee either by using whole beans or pre-ground coffee. For both kinds, you will only need to wait around five minutes to enjoy your coffee.
  • The unit is small and does not occupy too much space on the kitchen counter. You no longer need to worry about your small storage space.
  • The unit is designed very well. The white coating looks neat and sleek. This can be favorable especially when your kitchen looks classy. The look is a combination of vintage and modern.
  • The built-in grinder grinds the coffee beans well. The output texture is fine.
    The recipe of four scoops for four cups of espresso that is recommended in the manual works well.
  • The unit can brew any coffee output—espresso, latte, and even iced coffee.


  • The left-over ground coffee inside the chamber can dry up too easily and lose the flavor.
  • You might not get the same taste for the second batch, and you will need to redo all the steps.
  • Since the unit and carafe are both small, it may not be advisable for big or numerous servings.


This grind and brew coffee maker is another great model from Cuisinart. This mini machine can brew up to 12 cups in one batch.

The built-in grinder works well with whole beans that are automatically brewed after grinding. It has an auto shut-off technology and some adjustable buttons for choosing the strength and intensity of brewing.

The unit is built with the electrical standards of North America.


  • The unit is easy to use and operate. Moreover, the additional adjustable settings let you grind and brew according to your preferences.
  • Since it has an auto shut-off function, you can just leave the machine brewing on its own. You can just conveniently wait for your coffee to finish.
  • The unit has an automatic built-in filter, so you do not need to purchase disposable filters anymore. These filters are charcoal water and gold tone.
  • The filters work well and do not allow the loss of flavor during brewing.
  • You can also pause the brewing if you need to be somewhere else all of a sudden. This can be convenient if you have an important phone call or a visitor, for instance.


  • There have been other users who complained of the unit not lasting for long. This can be true if you use it regularly and for longer periods.
  • There can be a few electrical problems from the manufacturing or factory work.
  • The unit is low maintenance but may need immediate replacement.

4. Cuisinart DGB-550BK 12 Cup Automatic Coffeemaker Grind

This automatic coffeemaker is another variety of grind and brew model from Cuisinart. It can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in one batch.

The carafe of this unit is made of glass and its handle with an ergonomic material. The spout is well-locked for pouring and does not drip.

Furthermore, this unit has an auto shut-off technology that you can set for zero to four hours. Like the other Cuisinart models, it passes the electrical standards of North America.


  • Among all the Cuisinart coffeemaker models featured in this list, this one is the only imported unit.
  • The unit boasts that it is fully programmable. This means you can adjust all settings to suit your needs and preferences. You only need to refer to the instructions in the manual.
  • The grinder does a good job for the pre-brewing part. There is also an option for the grinder to process the pre-ground beans.
  • Since it has an auto shut-off function, you can just leave the machine brewing on its own. You can just conveniently wait for your coffee to finish.


  • The flavors may come out too strong when you turn the 1-4 cup setting on. This is because the option can slow down the brewing.
  • If you refer to the manual, the suggested measuring of beans per scoop may not suit your taste. It can produce coffee that has a weak flavor.
  • You need to dry the entire set completely after washing the parts. Otherwise, it may not be able to grind the beans very well for your next use.

5. Black & Decker CM5000B 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

This grind and brew coffeemaker model is easy to operate and presents different adjustable settings.

It has a selector for the strength of brewing and a button for when you don’t want it to grind. The carafe plate is non-stick, and it keeps the coffee hot when the carafe remains put-on.


  • Among all models in this list, this is the only unit with a grinder that can be turned off.
  • This can be convenient for you when you want faster brewing of some pre-ground coffee beans. This can also save you some precious time in the morning.
  • The carafe is made of high-grade durable glass. This can be attractive, and it can surely handle any temperature of coffee.
  • The price is fairly reasonable if you compare it to other brands that have the same features.
  • The coffee bean grinder is not too loud. You can have a relaxed and soothing morning waiting for the grinding process.
    It is easy to operate. The buttons of the settings are self-explanatory. In case you do
  • not understand, a detailed manual comes with it.Black and Decker offers a 2-year limited warranty for this unit.
  • The well-lit display is easy to understand. It even says how long the carafe plate has been working.


  • The lid cannot be removed from the carafe or pot. Some users prefer it to be removable so that it can be easy to wash.
  • Although it can be easy to operate, you still have to get the hang of the auto settings in the beginning.

Conclusion For Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew

Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew for your home can be a series of trial and error. If you do have a tight budget, you wouldn’t want to have to do that. So I guess I need to share who tops this list for me.

I would have to say that the winner is the Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker. I like that the unit is simple but very efficient. It can brew up to 12 cups. This is particularly essential for a coffee lover like me and big families.

The best thing I loved about it is the double-lined filters that can be reused for more batches. That saves a lot of time.

Truly, the most important thing when doing appliance shopping is your personal needs and preferences. Use yours for purchasing these coffeemakers.

If you agree with my choice or have other suggestions that were not mentioned here, feel free to comment. Write them down below and engage. I’d be very happy to have some coffee talk with you!


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