Coffee is a popularly brewed drink that is enjoyed all over the world. It is made from roasted coffee beans from certain species of Coffee such as the Arabica bush.

It is typically dark in color, bitter and slightly acidic with a great and stimulating taste. It contains caffeine which is a natural stimulant that helps stimulate the central nervous system as well as the brain so they can stay alert and focused.

Drinking it can be said to be beneficial as it contains high levels of antioxidants as well as other nutrients. Due to this, it is considered healthy and a lot of people take it for its ability to calm the nerves and relieve both mental and physical tiredness. It can also be used to prevent certain health conditions like dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. It may also be used as an enema to treat cancer in some places.

It is produced by picking red and ripe coffee berries, which are processed and dried. Depending on the flavor desired, these dried beans are then roasted to varying degrees. Next, they are grounded and brewed to make the popular beverage.

It can be made and enjoyed in several ways such as French press, espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc. It usually tastes better when served hot so most people prefer it that way. It can also be served chilled or with ice. While some people prefer to take theirs black, meaning without the use of milk or cream, most take it with milk and sweeteners like sugar.

Coffee is cultivated in more than 70 countries. Most of these are in Asia, Africa, as well as some regions in the Americas. The two most common species are the C. Arabica and C. Robusta.

What is Specialty Coffee

Coffee can be packaged in several ways and with different qualities. Great coffee as they say starts with high-quality beans.

Specialty coffee is a common term used in describing the highest green coffee grade available as it relates to the entire supply chain. It talks about the demand for superior quality from when it is farmed to brewing and until it reaches the end consumer. It is simply coffee at its best and of higher quality than the average standard.

It is one with a distinctive character and without defect. It at least has a score of over 80 according to generally accepted standards.

Farmers and cultivators involved in this kind of production have through several years of experience and skill perfected growing the highest grade of coffee using every technological innovation that they can. They typically engage Certified Coffee Tasters with a keen sense of taste as well as smell for good quality coffee.

After the cultivators are the roasters who are most likely to be certified as well for this kind of output. They are experts in roasting the beans to the desired appearance, taste, and flavor by skillful heat transfer and chemistry while ensuring that they maintain the high standards set by the farmers.

Also important in the whole process are baristas who possess skills when it comes to brewing coffee to a perfect taste. They learn about the origins of the beans and profile its flavors. The job of a barista is quite important in the chain. This is because even the highest quality beans can lose its flavor when not brewed excellently.

At the end of the supply chain is the most important people in the whole process. The consumers. Without them, it is a futile effort. They are the ones that pay and give the final verdict.

Great coffee lovers do not drink just any coffee. They specialize in it and take time to research and all the while asking questions that will aid them in selecting the best. Having consumers who desire this level of standard shows a deep appreciation for not just the quality of their beverage but the work of everyone involved in its production.

How to Get Specialty Coffee

Getting the final product to the consumer can be done in several ways. The roasters typically distribute through wholesale channels and can supply to hotels, restaurants, airplanes, supermarkets and coffee franchises and stores.

You may be able to get it at your local grocery stores but this may not be the best way to get your supply, especially for lovers of high-quality coffee.

Another way it is distributed is through a subscription service. This is a way in which it is provided to the consumer at a recurring schedule weekly or monthly. The subscription can either be direct or what is called third-party subscriptions.

Direct subscriptions mean that the roasters supply directly to the customer while third party subscriptions involve the roasters partnering with retailers, distributor as well as stores to deliver it to the consumer.

When subscribing, you may be able to taste different flavors to see which you would prefer. This will most likely inform the kind of flavors that you choose and the same will be supplied to you based on your schedule. If you want to learn more about this, you can click here.


Coffee may be a popular beverage but at the same time, it has different levels and grades. For snobs and enthusiasts, specialty coffee affords them the opportunity to get the very best.

If you prefer to brew yours at your home instead of visiting a café or coffee shop, you can subscribe to a delivery service. This will ensure that you always have a fresh supply of the best each time and also, you determine the flavor and taste that is right for you.

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