Once you graduate from college, there are certain eating habits that you should drop. Healthy eating habits ensure that you lead a fulfilling life. As you take a break from the busy schedules you used to endure in college, look up healthy eating habits you can adopt.

Eating fries every other day might seem convenient while you’re in college but when you continue with this habit after graduating, you put yourself at risk of getting serious health conditions. You have probably heard of people getting heart attacks as young as 35 years old. The likelihood of you getting a heart attack early is linked to what you feed your body.

You only live once, so you might as well live healthy and happy. Get yourself a meal plan and invest in fruits and vegetables. Resorting to junk eat time you feel too lazy to cook will come back to bite you in the near future.

There are so many resources you can depend on to come up with the correct eating habit. The internet is a bottomless pit of information. While you were in college, services like Thesishelpers.com ensures that you submitted your assignments on time. Now you can use Google to find out which foods you should ditch if you want to stay healthy.

1.     Microwave Popcorn

This is the go-to snack for all college students, especially when you’re watching a movie with friends. Even though popcorn does not fill you up, they are ideal because they are easy to make.

Many brands of microwave popcorn have toxins that are not good for your health. There are so many other healthy snacks you can eat while watching a movie with friends.

If you love popcorn so much, then you should make some yourself. Get kernels, a pot, some oil and have control over what goes into your body. Your older self will be thankful for this decision.

2.     Soda

You must be wondering why the hell you should ditch soda. Well, it’s obvious that soda is a popular drink but it’s a lot of unhealthy sugar in a bottle.

Instead of drinking soda, why not get a blender and make your own juice from fruits. Blenders are quite affordable and there is nothing as fulfilling as making your own fruit juice. When you get a stick blender, you’ll be inclined to drink healthy juices. After all, you cannot spend money on a kitchen appliance and fail to use it.

Even though sodas taste good, a lot of artificial dyes and other harmful chemicals, food additives are used to process them. You’re better off drinking juice with no additives in it.

3.     Processed Cheese

Why would you keep eating processed cheese when there is a wonderful world of healthy cheese waiting to tickle your taste buds?

These fake slices do not even come close to the real deal. Fresh cheese is delicious and you’ll agree once you start purchasing quality dairy products. Begin with grilled cheese and see where this discovery journey takes you.

4.     Ramen

Even though ramen is a known hangover cure among college students, the sodium levels are too high. This sodium-packed soup is not n acceptable meal in any way. To begin with, it does not come with anything resembling vegetables and you know you need your veggies.

You can however, take up inventive ramen recipes that add life to these noodles. Why don’t you try ramen start-fried?

5.     Energy Drinks

Who lied to college students that energy drinks give them energy? Anyone who shows up to a morning lecture reeking of Red Bull will have to pay for this mistake later in the day.

Once you start working, the last thing you should do is take energy drinks because you have a long day at the office. Instead, get enough sleep and be in control of your schedule. Start your days early so that you finish the bulk of your day’s tasks by noon.

6.     Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables is the worst food ever to feed on because you’re not getting the nutrients vegetables should have after all. Stop picking vegetables from the produce section and go for fresh groceries at the market.

The walk will do you good and you’ll enjoy the real taste of the food you cook. Food is so delicious when you cook with fresh produce.

7.     Iceberg Lettuce

If we’re being honest, iceberg lettuce is mostly water and zero nutrients. This is a sorry excuse for salad so stop making it. Take your time to make salads that actually have nutritional value.


As you can see, there are so many foods you should stop eating once you graduate. Your health matters and what you eat determines how healthy you will be. Purchase fresh produce from the market and learn how to make your own food.


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