During ancient times when people didn’t know much about the concept of branding, cookware was created using the simplest designs and clays to make sturdy and durable pots and pans in which people cooked and plates and bowls in which they would eat. Things were much simpler back then.

But as time went by with the advent of modern technology and various manufacturers popping up around every corner, there has been an explosion of new and advanced cookware, which has been made using not only clay but other types of materials.

This article will dive into this topic to discuss the various manufacturers that have taken over the cooking industry by storm and which ones are leaning towards the more sustainable wear, so the next time you decide to do some shopping for your kitchen you know what a “Calphalon” or a “Farberware” is. Plus, it makes for good conversation at a dinner party, in any case.

Besides the few that we have chosen below, tons of others are also just as popular and just as high-standard. One can easily do some personal homework of the options that are out there and what types of materials are available, such as from this page, for instance. So, don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself.


This American based company has been up and running, producing new cookware every few years since 1989. One of the top ones on the list of their kitchenware is aimed towards commercial chefs that work in both hotels and restaurants. This means their items must be of the highest standard given the demand for food and cooking in these establishments.

When looking at the elements of their products, they come with a choice of non-stick cooking ware, handles that stay cool, and smooth reinforced internal materials.

Materials they use are stainless steel, anodized nonstick materials, copper variations, and forged nonstick varieties. Their overall industry rating is between 8.8 and 9.0. with tulip-shaped handles on their cooking appliances, their range includes anything from frying pans to saucepans, which come with their respective lids. Plus, they have a mirror shine which makes any kitchen look sheik. Think hiking, the carabiners you place on the cliff hooks are anodized https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anodizing

They support oven use of up to 500°F plus can be used on all types of cookers as well, electrical and induction. This is the part that marvels us, the handles remain cool the whole time, even though the entire thing is created using one material. Now that is clever engineering.


This Italian brand is a family-owned establishment that has been around for almost 130 years. They are one of the top leaders when it comes to nonstick cookware brands. They have been noted to produce over 12 million pans a year and still going strong. Their facility is in Italy and the family itself hails from Rivarolo, Italy. Can it get any more authentic?

This is a high-standard piece you will be buying, with a place that takes pride in its uniquely crafted products, it is hard to ignore the fact that Italy is known for and has a passion towards good food, family, and the love of sharing, especially cooking and eating together. So, one can easily say that when they make the items used to cook their food, they make it with the utmost precision possible.

Nothing too delicate, they make everything that one needs in a kitchen to able to make a nice hearty meal for their family dinner or a fun luncheon with friends. When reviewed their rating stood out to be between 9.0 and 9.5.

Tow of the most popular collections come in Granitium nonstick and forged aluminum ware, plus they look delightful, almost earthy. The tops of the items are usually made of glass and can be used on any electric, glass top, or gas cooktops. The granite color looks authentic in any kitchen and gives it a homely feel when hanging in the middle of the kitchen counter or on the cupboard shelves.

Both scratch-resistant and heat-sensitive, they turn red when the pot has heated up and gone back to being green when it is cooled down, known as the “Thermopoint” technology, which keeps it from overheating and burning the food. Talk about safety features.

Well thought of, don’t you think? The reinforced titanium coating has ceramic particles in it so you can use anything from forks to metal spatulas while cooking and it will not get damaged or scratched.

Copper Chef.

As the name says, their entire range is created from copper. Which is the one material that is good for health? According to research done on using copper utensils and cookware, it has been stated that this material is a vital nutrient for the body.

It is very possible that when using this branded cookware you will reap all the numerous health benefits it possesses.  Not only does it help the body to form new red blood cells but it also maintains a healthy bone structure, a good functioning immune system, and gives heed to iron absorption.

The company Copper chefs have even won a few awards such as the “Product of The Year 2018” award for its signature Collection 9.5” Deep Dish Square Pan. This is because the founders of the company sought to bring some of the highest quality products into homes and businesses via its industry-leading products.

Made not only from copper but also a fusion of ceramic nonstick cookware. The contrasting copper surface with the steel handles, bring out a unique touch in any home.

Made with the genius technology of an induction plate added to the bottom of these products, it is guaranteed to allow for even heating while being completely PFOA and PTFE free.

What is also nice about these is that the nonstick coating is good enough to use on its own to cook any food types, so you do not need to add any extra oils or kinds of butter to the pot when cooking. Which is also another contributor to a health benefit.

Although these three choices above are a very random pick. Other cookware manufacturers are just as good if not better. The thing to keep in mind is not just the materials they are made from, but what your lifestyle is like.

If you don’t have time to clean your pots and pans after a hard day of work, get the option with materials that are easy to clean such as stainless steel, cast iron, copper, or aluminum. But if you’ve got time and want it done properly, and cleaning is no big deal, opt for the others. The cookware world is your oyster!


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